Happy Birthday, Red Stripe


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Happy Birthday, Red! Have a wonderful day full of smiles and chuckles (which reminds me to ask about that comedian you told me to poke you about).

How's E on baking birthday cakes? :)


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A Very Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Maybe we could have a couple next month to celebrate, see you in Feb.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED! :clap::banana::dance: May this be the first day of a year filled with good health, lots of laughter and very special memories, and maybe just "one more" booked cruise tucked in your back pocket! :):boogie: ENJOY your day!

red stripe

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and I thought I was keeping a low profile :D

Thank you Mary Ann and all of you for the wishes.

Christoffer.. with 4 cruises listed in my signature I would be pushing it asking for another:spyglass:

Seamom..."How's E on baking birthday cakes?" I think that the closest to a cake that I will get is the one in Judi's post