Happy Birthday, Red Stripe


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Birthdays are wonderful. May you have many more! I know E will do something very special for you. Have a great day!

arf arf arf bark arf yap yap bark arf arf. ARF ARF ARF ARF ARRRRRRF YAP!
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Happy Birthday very special lady! May you have a day filled with sunshine and a year that's filled with love, good health and much happiness!



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Happy birthday.

I know it's my daughter's birthday today.

I'm a senior citizen.

Are you my daughter?

If you are, remember my birthday is Monday so buy me something nice.


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Hope you have had a wonderful day! Yep, asking for another cruise on top of the 4 already booked would be pushing it wouldn't it? What's the worst that could happen though? :banana:

red stripe

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Thank you all so much .. you have made my day.

And I even received FLOWERS I am not sure if I should say who sent them.. so will just say

"Thank you, they are beautiful.. it was a thoughtful thing to do, and I will enjoy them a lot.
And please give your poodle a belly rub from red"

See... I did not even say HIS name

The flowers

I was very lucky today, it was a lovely day made even better with the cards that I received from some of you also.
Thanks to all

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