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Happy Birthday Red

John F

Well-Known Member
We would love to wish you Red, a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to a very special "LADY"!!!!!!!! Hope you
have many, many more!!!! John & Priscilla

red stripe

Well-Known Member
I was reading through this.. and it was too cute, so I opened a word document and made notes....

Thank you Jeanie and everyone for the wishes..

I had a virus and was off the computer yesterday.:bang:

Reggae… I am not allowed to have a cake unless the fire department is standing by.:smack:

Calgon. Yup.. sixteen again and again and again and again…and…..

I love the cake.. did you bake it yourself?

Pat.. oh yes.. I got a surprise when I found my virus protection had taken the day off:diablo:

Maw.. I can not only SAY mudslides.. I can wear them.. I think I can see a few each time I look in the mirror:biggrin:

Glo.. I loved the cat.. I had one that looked as if she was laughing at times. Usually when she was looking at me.

Cyndi, we had the white stuff for about 2 min yesterday as I was talking on the phone to bOB.. I told him that I thought our tree had a bad case of dandruff

Tutak (quote) “Today is my daughter Janet's birthday. At my age, it's hard to remember. Are you my daughter? “(/quote)

Tutak… and at my age it is hard to remember if I am a daughter or a son:shrug:

Seamom… I was thrilled to open my email yesterday and not find it flooded with cards from you..[specially after our talks the other day. I just knew you were going to get me big time…

Tobyn… Einstein had to work…then he had to come home and clean up my virus mess….

bOB (quote)“How did I miss this, oh ya I remember.................
you didn't remind me...†(/quote)
:biggrin:and when we were talking yesterday.. you even asked me the date.. I had to laugh as I told you, as I knew that the penny had not dropped…..:duh:

OK.. my Computer had a virus….not a bad one.. just an annoying one, and either it turned off my virus protection.. or else my virus protection had already deserted the ship.

Any way, with no protection.. I did not want to stay on it (the computer). So shut down.. made dog food.. worked off two mudslides on the Wii.. and waited for my white knight aka Einstein.. :einstein:to come home and make things right.

I had some wonderful cards and flowers, and I am feeling very blessed to have you as my friends.

Thank you.



Well-Known Member
Happy B-Day My Darlin. I hope the flowers will be a reminder of how much your being a part of My Life is and will ALWAYS be. :doubleup: One of these years we are going to have to celebrate that BIG Day on a Cruise Ship again. :clap: