Happy birthday shipmaven


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
[size=+3]QUACK - QUACK - QUACK - QUACK !!!

Well, SunFlower kind of summed it up. Mama Duck / Queen Quack / Mary Ann ... You are very special to us. We love you and wish you many more years of cruising and quacking. May God continue to bless you and yours. Thank you.



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Mary Ann, Wishing a VERY special Lady a very special Birthday. Thank you for being a very special friend to all of us here on @ddicts.

Fondly, Denise, Bill, Georgie and Louie


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A Very Happy Happy Birthday to you Mary Ann!!!
I hope it's the best yet as you so deserve it.
Thank-you for all you do for everyone, you are a special lady.
(the card is in the mail, I'am sure it will be late, sorry)

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I hope that your day is a peaceful and happy one.

as you and I climb closer to Tibet:boogie:

perhaps these will help the climb




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Mornin' Mary Ann..... Special birthday wishes to you from the little DITs (or is it the DITZY couple) who live in this SE corner of BC. We wish you good health, much love and enduring happiness on this day and the whole year through!




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Mary Ann

:banana: Hope U are celebrating your Special Day in a VERY Special Way!!! :banana:With some Luck your weather is cooperating and will allow U to get out and celebrate your Special Day!!! :boogie: