Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Mal D. Olive


Forever Remembered

Happy Birthday to our dear friend,
Mal D. Olive
Unkul EEL

Here, have a Martooni
on us!

Love & Tail Wags,
Mary Ann & Pucci


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BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER . . . . .Hope you have a FANTABULOUS birthday!

SILFAM, take care of the big lug for me, please . . . .


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Happy BIrthday Michael!! Hope you have a wonderful day! I am looking forward to meeting you on the Duck cruise.

Cruise cutie

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Happy Birthday Dear Michael...

may you and Judi have a great time celebrating..:)

with wishes for many more and cruises too..miss you both sigh..

Bon Voyage in a couple weeks too BUB!!..hugs Joanne and Mark

Mal D. Olive

Never met an olive I didn't like
Ohhhh I almost forgot bout the Mac and Cheese.....he he he!!!

Thanks one and all for the B-Day greetings, and I am looking forward to seeing old friends, and meeting some new ones on board the DuckenDam in a few weeks!

Oh yeah, and my better half took me dinner tonight and I had a Martoonie with olives just to get in training!