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Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by JOHN(NJ), Mar 11, 2005.

  1. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

    HAPPY DREAM DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right now my dream has warm weather, palm trees, and a cold umbrella drink....

    It's snowing again so I guess this really is dreaming.
  2. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    =yeah..I'm right with you on that dream John...Not snowing yet..but they are promising us a lulu on the local forecast..DH Mark is soooo tired of his snowblower..:(...but at least we have one to use..:daisy..Joanne
  3. Cindy & Ed

    Cindy & Ed Guest

    We got snow overnight too and it is soooo cold I am definitely dreaming myself. When I wake up and see the white stuff outside, I just slink down here and start doing cruise stuff. So since I have been day dreaming at least part of every day since we booked our cruise in January, I guess today I don't have to feel so guilty about it!
  4. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Sounds like my dream too. Happy Dream Day everyone!

  5. There expecting a little bit of snow here as well. Yup, definately dreaming. :)
  6. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    Goin to the beach!! Heck I'm dreaming of owning a beach bar in St. Thomas...
  7. We all seem to be having the same dream, warm weather and sunny skies.
  8. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

    Hey Hooked, what do we need for start up costs???????
  9. Rubysky

    Rubysky Guest

    My dream is to have someone to pick up after us. Preferabally following us around, putting things back where they belong.
    Friends & family say to get a housecleaner to come in once a week. I don't mind the vacuming , dusting & laundry. It is picking up 5 pr of dh's shoes & all the tools & machine parts. Mail that hasn't been checked, the "stuff" that I am working on, etc. The 2 of us attract clutter. It only takes 5 min for it to return after a day of cleaning. If someone else cleaned it up, they would put it where we could not find it and probabaly throw out little parts that were worth big bucks.
  10. WAKE UP FOLKS YOU'RE DREAMING Nothing wrong with dreaming.....may they ALL come true

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