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Has anybody travelled on the Enchanment of the Seas?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by geezer27, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Pootersdad

    Pootersdad Well-Known Member

    We've been on the Jewel 6 times, and have two more booked. We like the ship, the itineraries, the crew, the food, the Concierge Lounge. We get great pricing from our TA. Why not be a repeater?
  2. FLSchwartz

    FLSchwartz Active Member

    Has anyone done a Transatlantic to Portugal and Spain on the Independence

    We are considering a 14 day transatlantic on the Independence April 11. Does anyone have any comments about what a transatlantic at that time of year would be like?
  3. SeaCruzers

    SeaCruzers Active Member

    Yes, beautiful ship. Not too big... Not too small. We had a great time. Any questions about the ship?:huh:
  4. seacats

    seacats Active Member

    Does Enchantment have a walk-around promanade deck.
  5. Libby

    Libby Well-Known Member

    Yes - and we're 'repeaters'. The ship is our destination and we love the size, the 'spirit', the staff, etc. We live in Michigan and to be someplace warm in the winter is an extra blessing.
    For the price - we think RCI offers the best of food, service, amenities, etc., so in hindsight, we've done about 160 cruises with 140 on RCI and about 14 on the EN.
  6. patchouli_girl

    patchouli_girl Active Member

    Tim and I loved the EOS!

    it was our first cruise and we went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel,Mexico!

    It was a great starter cruise.....and I would definitely sail on her again if she was going somewhere I wanted to visit!
  7. Lhwebbie

    Lhwebbie Well-Known Member

    I must admit we are repeaters as well. Three times on Enchantment - twice before the stretch and once after. We always had a great experience on Enchantment of the Seas so why not return! :)
  8. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Good point:doubleup:
  9. Royalgirl

    Royalgirl New Member

    I'm sailing on her next month and I had such a tremendously good time on Adventure that I was afraid I would compare or be disappointed because it's a different ship. I'm actually afraid to do it with the entire trip. I don't know why. I know they are all going to be different though. This post has really helped me.
  10. bcarney

    bcarney New Member

    Royalgirl - We'll be on Enchantment for the first time in November. We've done four on Adventure and love it (obviously) - but we also did an 11 day on Empress of the Seas, which is no longer owned by RCCL. If I recall correctly, Empress was about half the size of Enchantment, but you know what? We loved it just as much as Adventure. Smaller ships can offer a great experience just as much as the large ones. It's all about the attitude going into it. :)
  11. Royalgirl

    Royalgirl New Member

    bcarney - So true! We are exactly two weeks away from our trip on Enchantment and I can't wait! I'm just thankful to have the opportunity to go anywhere. Now I just pray the 7 days don't fly by. Our last cruise in 2009 actually went by at such a nice pace. I just want to be in the dining room with a slice of key lime pie! Yummy! When I get back I will post and let you know how our trip was! I'm excited because we were reserving an interior room and got upgraded to an ocean view. Can't complain about that, huh?

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