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Has anyone been in the handicapped rooms on the Norwegian Star?



My SIL and her hubby are going to be in one of the handicapped outside balcony rooms on deck 10, port side, probably 10700. Has anyone been in them or have pictures? He is in a wheelchair, and this is their first cruise...

I assume all floors are flat, no step ups to the bathroom? It is an easy roll to the balcony?

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Sorry no one has answered you,I cannot help either than to let you know the Star is a beautiful ship and there were several people in wheelchairs on board when we sailed,I noticed they always helped them on and off the ship for excursions and you could go to the head of the line to get back on ship and at dinner in the Versailles,they had a door one deck lower where the wheelchair people were let in and they waited in restaurant while companion one deck up waited for table assignment to be seated since the Star has free style cruising which I loved,I know this does not answer your question,but from what I saw on the sidelines every courtesy was given to those in wheelchairs!


I have stayed in a handicapped room in the Star Princess and in the Diamond Princess. I think those two ships are more wheel chair friendly because the decks flow pretty good. The handicapped rooms have bathrooms with wide doors so you can take your wheel chair right into the bathroom. The rooms are real big and beautiful.
I have cruised on the NCL Star and I remember that the wheel chair people did have a special side door to get into the restaurant. I used to like to walk out from the restaurant from that side door since I am visually impaired and hate stairs.
The NCL Star doesn't seem to flow well because it has some restaurants right in the middle of the decks taking up space during the days. They only open for dinner.
It is a beautiful ship and the handicapped rooms look real big and I am positive that the room is super handicapped friendly. The ship says they only have wheel chairs for getting on or off the ship. And I think they say that they don't like to put wheel chairs on the tenders to see some of the ports like Cabo San Lucas.
You must also bring your own wheel chair according to what I have read on a website.
I have already paid to cruise again on the NCL STAR and have booked a cabin with a picture window. But I plan to ask for a handicapped cabin at the last minute and hope they don't charge too much money for the catagory I want. I am visually impaired but don't need a wheel chair so I have to wait and see if there are any available cabins at the last minute.
It is a beautiful ship with real cherry wood and beautiful decorations everywhere.
I am looking foreward to the chocolate afternoon buffet. It was my favorite.
My attitude is that if I need help I will ask for help. I let the staff know that I am visually impaired and they try to do their best to help me with whatever I ask. They help me down the stairs to the restaurant.
I had fun in the elevator when a man in a scooter got in the elevator and he was going to the 10th deck.
Everytime the elevator would stop he would say, "what deck is this"? I could tell he also was visually impaired. So I would yell out each deck everytime it would stop and pretty soon other people were yelling out together the deck number. When he reached his deck with all said, "Deck 10'!!. It was fun.
You may want to read my cruise review on the NCL STAR and the Diamond Princess.


I just read on the AARP newsletter for Seniors that some handicapped people are sueing sp the NCL STAR because it is not handicapped friendly to use the pool. It has barriers everywhere on all sides.
I don't know when your relatives are going on the NCL STAR but I would highly recommend the small pool located in the Spa. It is usually empty. But the doors leading to the pool may not be wide enough for a wheel chair. The jacuzzi is not handicapped friendly and not even for normal people. It has only one large step and I had to haul my large hinney onto the side of the jacuzzi to get in but it was worth it.
I plan to write a handicapped cruise review when I return from the NCL STAR on March 5th. 05.


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