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Has anyone Heard the Latest on the Surcharge at Johnny Rockets

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by astlouis, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. astlouis

    astlouis Guest

    I was just wondering if RCL has decided to keep the surcharge at Johnny Rockets. I know they were testing it for 2 weeks, and that has come and gone. After all the complaints I just wonder if Royal listened to what we had to say. So if anyone knows drop me a post and let me know. If they kept it I guess I will have to cut out the Chili Dogs at midnight.
  2. bluecruzr

    bluecruzr Guest

    We just got back from our cruise, and they were still charging the $3.95 per person. Not a bad amount, it does include everything but the soda, and shakes.
  3. samij427

    samij427 Guest

    i just got back and on the explorer they are not charging. just if you get soda or shakes
  4. gkrebs

    gkrebs Guest

    there not supposed to be charging on the Explorer. Just on the Mariner and Navigator
  5. Grasshoppa

    Grasshoppa Guest

    I recently wrote to RCCL and asked for an update on the situation but haven't heard anything back yet...
  6. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    While I'd rather not pay the surcharge, I'm willing to shell out the nominal amount to indulge in some tasty and unhealthy food at JRs. Besides, I hear they developed an Oreo Hot Fudge Sundae specifically for RCI. Sounds intriguing in a frozen treat kinda way....
  7. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    My huband's aunt had the Oreo sundae and was exclaiming about it between bites the entire time she ate it! I meant to get one the next time we ate there, but I totally forgot! Putting it on the list of to-do's for next cruise...

    The surcharge on Navigator was in full effect when we went. Sometimes it was slow in there, but there were times when it was full with a wait. I wonder if they are getting what they want out of it? They made some money off of us as some people in our party weren't C&A members and also we ate there twice. It was good though! Plus we don't have JR's where we live so it truly is a vacation novelty for us!
  8. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Mel, as you were on your honeymoon, it's understandable that you forgot to order the sundae.

    I promise I'll have it, at least once, and report back to you. ;-)
  9. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    I appreciate that! I want to know everything but the nutritional info. please!
  10. Grasshoppa

    Grasshoppa Guest

    Johnny Rockets Surcharge

    This is the latest from Royal Caribbean on the JR surcharge:

    "The testing is currently slated to run through the end of June. A final
    decision on implementing the charges will be made after that point.

    Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International."
  11. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    Let me guess - they're gonna keep it!
  12. Firegirl

    Firegirl Guest

    Sounds like it will be the norm from now on.The demand still is there,even with the
    charge.We are going to go.Can't go to JR @ home for $3.95.
    BTW,Is there an extra charge for the Sundae???

    Dee& Vee
    PRIDE 5'03
    CONQUEST 9'03
    MARINER 9'12'04
    GRANDEUR 12'18'04

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  13. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    I read in some posts that once you pay the surcharge, you are covered for everything except beverages and shakes. So I believe the Sundae is included in the surcharge.

    When you sit down, they give you a basket of fries and a basket of onion rings. My arteries are hardening at the mere thought of it. Can't wait!
  14. Grasshoppa

    Grasshoppa Guest

    Yes, the sundae is included in the surcharge. I agree with Firegirl, for $3.95 it really can't be beat for all that you get.
  15. studman

    studman Guest

    Just off the navigator and they were charging

    Cost me an extra 40 bucks for 5 people and to tell you the food was bogus.

    I would rather eat at Mc Donalds. The food was nothing to talk about.

    And anyone who thinks that they are getting good food that is worth the extra 40 bucks, does not eat out to often.

    Sorry but that is how I feel. first of they are charging and will make you wait over an hour to have lunch.

    As long as they are charging I will never eat there again.

    It's just other way for them to get more money out of me.

    I think I might go back to Princess
  16. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    Sorry you're experience was not a good one - and at a high price at that!

    We were on the Navigator a few weeks ago and didn't have that experience at all - so to say that people who think it's good are sheltered is a bit unfair. We had no wait, great service, piping hot food and everything tasted really good.

    If enough people have a similar experience to yours at JR's, they won't be able to charge for it. Did you let RCI know about it?
  17. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Sorry the experience was bad Studman. I haven't been to Johnny Rockets on a voyager class before. I have however been to them here in town and the one at Universal Studios. I don't think they are bad.. I don't think they are great by any means. It's just burgers and fries with a shake. The normal prices here are high. What you pay for is not the food so much as the people standing on the table benches, playing jukeboxes for a nickel, and watching the staff goof off for fun. The ones here don't dance outside like the one in Florida.

    for $3.95, I personally don't think that's a bargain. I do however think they are using it as a means for guest control.

    I won't be visiting this place on my cruise next year. Not because of the surcharge so much as it's not like a special treat to me. I can order a burger and fries in the dining room that will be just as good.
  18. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Johnny Rocket's is indeed a chain, and national chain restaurants as a rule exert specific controls on food quality to ensure that an outlet in Boise delivers the same dining experience as an outlet in San Diego or Philly or, yes, even at sea. It's crucial to the JR organization to protect its brand by ensuring that the restaurant you visit meets JR standards. Otherwise, you won't go back.

    That said, some chains serve better food than others. Or, perhaps, some folks demand more from their dining experience than what many chains are willing to provide.

    I haven't eaten at a JR's in years, primarily because, as much as I'd love to eat them regularly, I tend to avoid tasty items like burgers and fries as I want to be alive to play with my grandchildren. But I don't recall the food there being anything but good, and I've dined in pricey, even acclaimed restaurants the world over: Spago, 21,Cafe Des Artistes, Peter Luger.

    What's great about this country is that we all have the freedom to express our opinions, at least until that right is dismantled as well. So studman has the right to say he thinks JR's is a waste of money, and I have the right to say the food was really quite good when I ate there last. And while I'm not thrilled with his viewpoint that anyone who likes JR's must be sheltered, I guess it's his right to say that too.

    As I stated earlier in this thread, I'll be visiting JR's at least once on our upcoming Mariner cruise. At least to try it out. See, it's my opinion that the burgers in the dining room or at poolside sometimes ain't all that great either....
  19. Barry

    Barry Guest

    Semi new look~ Has anyone Heard the Latest on the Surcharge at Johnny Rockets

    Okay, I'll stick my head in the fire. :) I asked in a recent chat with a Miami head a few weeks ago (who asked to remain anon) said all ships will charge and the decision has/is made.

    WHY I asked??
    The BIGest reason? Kids sitting for HOURS on end sipping a soda and eating the free fries and dip they bring you while others wait...they're hangin out. Remember that when you were a kid?

    That was the honest to goodness response. Not profit motivated but I'm sure that doesn't hurt the case either from their point of view as well as the TIPS that go to the staff for waiting on those kids all day.

    I must admit I never thought of that! But come to think when we were recently hosting a group they did sit there forever vs. us who ate and ran. Isn't that an interesting reason?? I think it might (depending on your viewpoint) make a very valid point! Funny how when you are management things have a different perspective.

    Of course ~~protest thee and don't go and who knows. All things are subject to change.

    Personally we'll be on the Mariner the 30th and I am looking forward to no lines (30 ft last sailing!!) :)
  20. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Barry, I promise we'll not cut in front of you, no matter how hungry we get. (We'll be sailing on Mariner on the 30th as well.)

    Thanks for your post. In separate but related threads, some folks recalled seeing kids ordering all kinds of food and not eating it, and then returning an hour later and repeating the process. One recent cruiser reported that she sat next to two adult males who couldn't decide on what they wanted, so they ordered one of everything on the menu. Naturally, they consumed only a fraction of what they were served. If I were CEO of RCI, I'd be slappin' on a surcharge to curtail those kinds of antics too.

    Enjoy the cruise!

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