Has anyone Heard the Latest on the Surcharge at Johnny Rockets



I'll just say that I am glad it's not a McDonald's in JR's place. It's a good thing I get out enough to know.


Well I heard that Crown and Anchor memebers get a free coupon into Johnny Rockets, so I guess I will still get that Chilli Dog at midnight. I guess I will have to order two that's all. You still have to figure 3.95 is not that bad, considering when our family of 3 go to Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonalds, and KFC we usually spend anywhere from 15.00 to 20.00 bucks. That is why we only go to these places once or twice a month. So I guess I will fork out the 3.95. But if they decided to do these because kids were wasting food or sitting down for hours, maybe they should have made it to kids having to be accompany by an adult.


cfurry it's nice to have someone else onboard! Maybe we can hook up for a cafe au lait!
Holler at the Cunningham's cabin if you wanna meet'n'greet! ;) See ya at Rockets!


Sounds bueno, Barry! Thanks for the invite! I imagine we'll be the only ones on board named Furry, so we're easy to find. And coffee is a capital idea.

astlouis, you might be onto something there. Perhaps making a rule that kids 16 and under need to be accompanied by an adult would be a good move.


I don't think the problem is JUST with the kids though. We witnessed many so-called grown-ups abusing the menu's too.

I think RCL has a good idea here for the crowd control, I just think that they should have implemented it better instead of just springing it on people after they already booked their cruise.


I see what they mean about the kids hanging out, but then why are they limiting what you can get to go for the $3.95 =huh if your leaving then you are not taking up their valuable space. Just wondering is all =dunno


That's a good point Laurie. Seems the surcharge system, even if imposed for good reason, is open to improvement. At least they give C&A members a coupon for a free visit. You can be sure that the JR experience will be included in my Mariner review!


I have not been to JR's onboard before, but let me see if i understand this correctly.

You pay $3.95 for all the food (no soda or shakes) and they will keep brining you fries, etc.. while your there.

Now factor in that most "kids" on the boat are not paying for these meals themselves, and probably has a card linked to a parent's... how does the $3.95 surcharge stop kids from hanging out at JR's? If anything they'd hang out there longer and eat more fries to "get their money's worth." Just my 2 cents on the subject.

To me it more likely that it costs Royal Caribbean more money when someone eats at JR's then at their own dining establishment, and therefore tack on the surcharge to help make up the cost. I'm sure RCI has to pay franchise fees and purchase all the supplies from JR directly..

Don't misunderstand, i don't mind them having a surcharge with certain places.. Cruising is by far the most economical vacation, in my opinion. To get the same type of service, and food, i'd expect to pay at least 2x more on a regular vacation to the beach.

gotta love that burger and fries room service at 2am!



I'm with you...I imagine it's cheaper to serve people in the buffet or dining room than at JRs. So to people who try to contain food service costs at RCI, a surcharge is probably a happy concept.

I think the effectiveness of imposing a surcharge to keep kids out of JRs all depends on the parents. Those who give their kids charging capabilities will find all kinds of scary stuff on their Sunday morning bills, including repeated visits to JRs, countless ice cream cones from Ben & Jerrys, and God knows what else. Those who don't, won't. Because it's entirely up to the card holder (read: parent) to determine who has charging abilities and who doesn't, then the choice can easily be made up front when filling out the SeaPass form.

I have to assume most smaller kids aren't given free reign to charge any old thing to their cabin. I mean, there's absolutely no need for it, since they can eat and have fun all day long without ever incurring an extra charge. But every time I assume something like that, I am proven wrong, and usually in an audacious and humanity-sapping way. Like watching some little kid run roughshod all over his or her parents, who blithely remain clueless to the consequences of their inaction. Or seeing misbehaving kids bribed with food or candy. Or...well, you get the picture.

Whew! Okay, that felt better. I could really use a burger and shake right about now, and it's not even 2 am!

Enjoy your next cruise, and your next visit to JRs. I promise to do the same!


Personally, if RCCL implemented the JR charge because of kids "hanging out" and taking up the tables then what's to say they still won't do it now even with the $3.95 charge? Like mentioned above many kids are allowed to charge to their room key and 3.95 to sit with friends won't hinder them.

Also, why should everyone else have to pay "extra"? Wouldn't it have been better if that was their true reason to just have an age restriction during peak times (no kids under a certain age without an adult) (also mentioned in previous post). To me that would have been a better choice by RCCL and then if that didn't work proceed with the charge.

We'll be on Navigator again shortly and we'll use the C & A coupon but have no intention of eating at JR more than that. There's plenty of good food around the ship.


Well considering when they first opened JR on Voyager, there were charges for all the food, just like a regular JRs. Of course that "experiment" failed, thankfully. In light of the history, I think $3.95 is not a bad compromise.

For comparison, I found this menu from when Voyager first sailed:



Milk Shakes.....$3.60


Fries..... $1.75
Chili Fries.....3.25
Onion Rings.....2.45


Soda pop......$1.50
Flavored Coke......1.65
Ice Tea.....1.45

ORIGINAL HAMBURGERS (does NOT include fries)

The Original: with lettuce, tomato, onion, relish, pickle, mustard & mayonnaise......$3.75
St. Louis: with bacon, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, pickle, and St Louis sauce.....4.75
The Double: two patties, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sauce, on a grilled bun.....4.95
#12: cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, mayonnaise, and sauce......4.25
Streamliner: veggie patty, onions, lettuce, tomato, sauce, pickle, and mustard.....4.25


Chicken Club......$5.95
Grilled chicken breast.....4.85
Grilled ham and cheese.....4.95

Hot dog......2.95
Tuna salad sandwich.....2.95
Grilled cheese.......2.95


Hot fudge sundae......$3.45
Apple Pie......1.95
W/ice cream.....2.95


$3.95 not a bad compromise, $3.95 not a bad compromise. You have got to be kidding. No not a bad compromise would be to have it included.


My point being that RCCL tried it as full charge, and it failed along with charging for rock climbing, etc. So they made if "free" but found that the demand was too high, and there were certain other issues, such as teens hanging out in the restaraunt etc. Given that neither full charge or "free" worked, I still think $3.95 is not a bad compromise. Heck you pay $20 in Portofino, and $4 for a decent beer.

Of course I prefer it to be "free". Maybe RCCL could take other steps like limits of time, or number of servings per sitting etc, who knows? Maybe they will after the "experiement".


As posted by cyrusuncc:

<quote>Cruising is by far the most economical vacation, in my opinion. To get the same type of service, and food, i'd expect to pay at least 2x more on a regular vacation to the beach.</quote>

I'm so glad you said that. When we were first trying to decide on our honeymoon, we weren't sure if we should do a cruise or Myrtle Beach. I pointed out that on a cruise, most basic things to do/eat are covered by the initial price, whereas in Myrtle Beach we would have separate hotel charges, costs of driving/parking, costs of eating, costs of shopping, and the kids may or may not be interested in what we were doing during the day. All that adds up. The cost and the crankiness of bored kids alone could ruin that kind of vacation. Also, the hotels may not have services like a room attendant available whenever you need them, and room service would definitely NOT be free. Eating at a JR in Myrtle Beach would probably end up costing my family of four around $30 - $40.

We were just at Disney World earlier this year. My parents gave us the parkhopper passes for Christmas, so that was covered, and I worked off the hotel cost with them so I wouldn't have to pay it, but the food, gas, and very few souvenirs we got still ended up costing several hundred dollars. All this with AAA discounts. We ended up getting taken when we decided to eat at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney because the AAA discount tickets only worked during non-dinner hours, and despite the fact that we arrived well before the 7:00 PM cut-off, we were not seated very quickly and the food was not brought out very quickly. We would have waited around until after the dinner hours to pay the check, but both kids had fallen asleep on the table by the time we asked for it. Imagine paying a $50 bill for one meal when I'm used to paying half that much! The food wasn't all that great either. We did get a measure of revenge when my mother decided not to take my sisters and brother there, which would have been a five-person ticket.

I guess the whole point of this long, rambling post is that vacationing nowadays is expensive, and that cruise prices have gotten so reasonable that a cruise is looking much better than a comparable vacation on land, even with the little extra charges here and there.