Has anyone used 1-800-Cruises (www.cruisesonly.com) to book a trip?



Hi all. Has anyone used 1-800-Cruises to book a trip? I priced something with them, their prices seemed a little bit less, but their prices did not incluse tax & port charges, so it's hard for me to figure out if they did indeed have better prices.

Also, did anyone buy travel insurance from them?

~ Marina


Port charges and taxes can add up to quite a bit, Marina.

BE SURE you're comparing apples to apples, and read ALL the fine print - including possible service charges - when you're comparing quotes.

There are lots of links to reputable agencies here on Cruise @ddicts.


We've used cruisesonly for our last cruise and also our upcoming cruise. The reason we used them is the TA my folks have used for years went to work for them years back and we love to deal with her...she's great. If I find something lower on the internet anywhere, she gives us a good price and if the rates go down after we've booked..well we get a reduced price also.

email me if you would like her name and phone number.



We have used them several times and they have been great. The prices on their web site include port charges but not taxes until you enter it like you were going to book it and then the taxes will be included and you can then get out of it. But the port charges are included in their prices. Our TA thru them was at another agency and when she went to Cruises Only we followed her, because she is good to work with. When we book thru them we also get our ins. thru them, it is with CSA and you can wait until final payment to pay for it and it will still cover pre-existing conditions.We have never had a problem with them and my sister and her husband booked their Alaska cruise and tour thru them also.They used our TA and got a good deal on their cruise so they are very happy also.


Cruises Only just merged with National Leisure Group, and are no longer a discount agency. I've booked with Cruises Only for several years, and refuse to use them in the future. Cruise bookings are a readily available commodity, available from a number of discount suppliers. National Leisure Group's acquisition debt isn't the consumer's problem. If they were smart, they would settle for a smaller profit, rather than receiving all of nothing.