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Have you changed 1 booked PAX

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by KathyH, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. KathyH

    KathyH Guest

    We finally talked my Mom into coming with us on our Sept. 21st Explorer cruise, and I desperately need the answer to this question: We would like to change one of the booked childen in our cabin to my Mom's cabin. we have already made our final pament, do you think we will have problem doing this? Thanks a lot!
  2. Go to Cruise Critic Forum. I asked this same question and got 4 responses right away.:)
  3. Ali

    Ali Guest

    We actually changed passengers after the docs were issued. No air was involved and the newly added passenger just did pier pick up for their docs. You will end up paying more for your child going into your Mom's cabin as it will be a 2nd person sailing and not the 3rd in your cabin. Of course though, your Mom's cruise fare will be much cheaper than her doing a single.
  4. KathyH

    KathyH Guest

    Thanks for your response Ali. We wanted to change the booking because we wanted to upgrade to a C , but there were only 2-person C's available. Since this child was never actually going to be staying in our cabin ( she will stay in her parent's cabin ),we would not have been able to upgrade unless we moved her ( on paper ) to my Mom's cabin. To make a long story short, the TA made the change, we got our upgrade, and all that's left is the wait for the cruise to get here!
    To Laura/David: No thanks, I prefer a civilized board!!

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