Have you ever been to......



Just to add at the request of another @ddict.
You can rent off the dock or could quite easily the last time we were there and
baby beach is where we go down towards the southern end of the island.


Aruba was an "experience" for me! (We were there this Sept.)

We decided we could walk to the beach from the ship.....one hour later we finally made it, but the water was so strong that I couldn't enjoy it. It knocked me over and scratched my knee up. (I even took pictures of it!)

However, we did buy cheese there! And we loved it, we actually wish we would have bought more.

We ate at a resturant in the little shopping area past the dock area, past the mall, but on the other side of the road. I think it was something like Waterfront...maybe. I had conch soup there for the first time ever!

Going back to the ship and through customs was a great experience. The man that checked our ids offered us the gift of a conch shell. He told us it was a gift from the island. We took it of course and thanked him very much.


We were in Aruba a few years back, and got to see the arch rock before it disappeared. Glad we were able to do that, got some photos of my mom there which are great memories.

If I went back, I'd like to spend more time exploring the island, and the beaches.

PS...we did good in the casino too!


My favorite place to eat is the Old Mill, very nice first rate food. My other favorite place is any bar that sells Amstel.

fla jack

We have visited Aruba 3x's-including last month. See description of our excellent Aruba excursion under review dated 11/13/06. Jack


Suer, also check with Joanne as she has a time share there and goes every other year :)


Suer, we were there for several days when we sailed on Windjammer. We liked The Paddock. It is an open air bar right on the water. A small but decent menu and assortment of beverages. VERY laid back and we were not rushed to vacate our seats down on the waterfront. If you head to the very end of the businesses on the main street (front street?) it is on the left past the big building with the fancy clock. Oh, it is painted up like a cow...:lol


Also, Aruba is always w i n d y. So tie your hair back!

Lady Jag

Cruise Cutie, where are you? :? :? :? Ask Joanne, she knows Aruba like the back of her hand! :)


Yes I have been to Aruba. We did a tour of the the island. I did find it quite interesting. I did see some very interesting landscape and the rock arch was really interesting.

I'm really not much for the hot weather or the beaches but I can understand why people like it there.

Cruise cutie


Best beach for just plain swimming...Arashi Beach over next to the California lighthouse...

Next door to Arashi Beach is Malmok Beach..great for snorkeling but rocky and you need "beach feet" to go in the water...

Best overall Beach is Baby Beach a half hour drive/cab ride from the ships.. a gentle lagoon that then leads to a coral reef ,awesome to snorkel in take your doggie biscuits.. the fish swarm...:grin..

Favorite Italian food...Alfredo's Ristorante..next door to the Black Hog Saloon,the owners are from Boston.. I am fussy Italian, and their Fettuchine Alfredo is to die for!!..=love, AND they bring fresh baked home made bread out of the oven to your table..YUM!!..

Best Beef place..El Guachos..downtown.. hands down the best beef in Aruba..it costs, is worth it,the sangria is to die for.. and many times you need reservations..call or book online worth every dime!!..

favorite seafood place.. The Bucaneer they have fish tanks lining the walls, and the food is fabulous..

Best overall nice restaurant for all types.. Suisse Chalet..again costly..worth every penny.. and Beef stroganoff I have never had better.. they have all kinds of different offerings..

and finally Hooters restaurant is a family type restaurant on Aruba..their waitresses are scaled down in the vavoom factor.. and the food is fabulous.. enjoy.. we do park their on Aruba for 2 weeks every other year at our time share At Divi Resorts..and it is a joy to go.. and as Nessie said..IT"S WINDY.. :grin..Joanne, and Mark..