Have you ever heard of this happening to a magnet?



I had a magnet from my son's school on my car. I placed it on the gas tank door, not the body. I tried to take it off when I washed it to clean underneath and I couldnt get it all off! The magnet ripped and parts of the magnetic backing is stuck to the door! It is like cement. I tried glu gone and it would not get it off. I took a butter knife and chipped some of it off but i dont want to chip the paint. I have NEVER heard of this happening to a car magnet before. I have a suspicion that a student at a rival high school thought it would be funny to super glue the letter. I may have to replace the gas tank door. :(

have you ever heard of magnets melting to a car??? or do you think it was super glued??


very strange
Could you take a picture of this for us? Maybe its heat related. superglue would prolly leave a hard white looking mess if u try to peel it or chip it away. could be superglue. maybe fuel vapors melted it to the car. i dont know.


Dummer. Why not call a car detailing shop and see what they recommend. Or how about trying that tar remover you can get to remove the road tar from your car?

Don B

Sorry, but I understood "Dummer" just fine!:) I thought nieciez was talking to me!

If you have a vented gas cap, it could have been fumes. I think it is a stretch for a rival to happen by with a tube of super glue... I would think a prankster would deface or destroy the item, not make it permanant..

...just my opinion...

The detail shop is the best idea. If they have some MEK (methyl-ethyl-ketone) it would take just about anything off. Just make sure they re-clearcoat the area once it is gone to protect the paint.