Have you stayed in 9620 or 9622 Voyager class stateroom?

Have you stayed in stateroom 9620 or 9622 Voyager class D1 hump, port side staterooms?

For anyone who has stayed in one of these specific staterooms (Superior Oceanview with Balcony) on any of the Voyager Class ships, I have a question.

Which stateroom is laid out with the bed on the left wall, 9620 or 9622?

We have found a cruise on the Navigator of the Seas we are wanting to book, & 9620 & 9622 are the two rooms we are interested in. Just need to learn which one has the bath, sofa & bed all on the LEFT side of the stateroom.

Thank you very much,


Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor
Hi Suzy,

I have never stayed in 9620 or 9622 on Voyager, but in 9602.
In 9602 the bed and bathroom was on the right side when you enter the room (looking out at the balcony).
From deck plans on the site voyager-class.com it looks like 9622 will have the same configuration. Also counting number of cabins it's likely that 9622 has the bed and bathroom to the right, so if you want it to the left you should aim for 9620.

Link to the deck plan: http://voyager-class.com/virtualtour/deck09.html

Note that I have not stayed in 9620 or 9622 so I'm absolutely not sure, it's more of an "educated guess"... :biggrin: