Hawaii - Kauai


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We will be here in October. We would like to go on a tour of the island. We found what seemed to be a good one but the price is $442 for two. Wow! Anyone have any suggestions?


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You are going to have to be a lot more specific than that...what does the $442 include? As with everything else, we have to compare apples to apples...


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Is this through the cruise line or on your own? Kauai is a beautiful island, but the roads are narrow and you could find yourself delayed if there's an accident or anything else blocking the road. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get back to the ship on time.


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My personal FAV island in the chain. Sounds like U might have an aerial tour which is a good choice. Two MUST sees IMO are ...

Waimea Canyon

Spouting Horn

The Beach right in town that is public is not bad either. :doubleup:



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If it were me, I think for that price I would be opting for either a ship's excursion, an independent group tour, or find someone else to share the tour with us!!!!
We found one for around $135 each and it's an island tour and a riverboat tour. We haven't booked it yet, but i chatted with their reservation department on line and this is a tour in a van, i was told 15 people was the maximum. Its not an SUV, but it is almost $100 less than the tour you are talking about. My big thing is the bus tours, i dont care what the price is, i've done some before, and i just don't like them.