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Hawaii shore excursions -Sept 27 Infinity



Hello everyone,

My wife and I are newbies to this cruising stuff, but are getting real excited now that our maiden voyage is approaching. We're looking at booking some shore excursions and were looking for a little help choosing. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



Hawaii is real easy to rent a car and do on your own... If you'd like some specifics, email me with more detail of your preferences. We've only cruised the islands once, but have been there 10 times. Maui is our favorite isle.



Most of the excursions can be booked online through tour companies for less money and better tours. You might try searching around as there is so much to do and you can also save yourself quite a few dollars by booking with someone besides the cruise line.
If you are stopping in Hilo and feel like a nice leisurely drive, try renting a car (before you leave) and they will pick you up right at the doc and supply maps for you to visit places like Volcanoes National park on your own. Much more enjoyable then the buses they provide from the ship.
And have a great first cruise there.