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Hawii 2 New Zealand on Legand 12/19/02


Doug & Claudia

We're headed off on our dream cruise this Christmas and wonder if anyone has been on this one and has any feedback.

We're taking the whole gang (5 kids) and the Grandparents.

Will there be other kids?

How are the islands?

Will the kids be busy while we're @ sea for all those days?

How is the boat? Anyone ever been in the Royal Family Suite on Legend? What is it like?

Any info would be helpful.


Viking Serenade-Mexico 6/2000
Vision of the Seas-Alaska 6/2001
Soon Legend HI to New Zealand


we are going on the reverse cruise March 2, 2003. Please let us know how your trip went! We had a friend from a previous cruise that took this cruise this spring. They had a very nice time.