Heading to Alaska on 6/18, Golden Pricess, extremely nervous about room, etc.


After searching the internet high and low I came across this wonderful forum.

I am a first time cruiser. My wife and I have booked a room on the Golden Princess for 6/18 to Alaska. I'm very concerned that I may have purchased the wrong room at the wrong location.

We are on the Dolphon deck in the AB aft section starboard side. You can see where I am referring to here. I don't want to give away my exact room number for obvious reasons.

Did I pick a bad room? I keep reading about horror stories of people getting ashes flicked on them and similar problems. My wife gets very sick around smoke and I'm concerned that this will end up being a bad trip if it's a bunch of smokers. I know that's not really something I can control but I paid a ton of money for this room and I want to have at least some kind of good time.

If I have to I wouldn't mind upgrading to VS at the back of the ship but it's an extra $2,000.

Anyway, what is everyone's thoughts here about my room purchase?

Thanks for any opinions or suggestions you may have.


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The only reason I would feel you booked a bad room is that these cabins have completely open balconies, we have only booked on once and would not do it again.

The problem with those cabins is the even though they are mini suites the balconies are completely open, the passengers on Caribe directly above you look straight down at your entire balcony. The only time anything like ashes or people will fall on you is when you are in port, otherwise there is enough slipstream to carry most anything back. As far as smoke, that really doesn't matter where your cabin is, the smell is going to travel so your only option would be to be in the front most cabin on the ship, and you DON'T want those cabins, trust me. As far as the aft cabins, pretty much the same since smoke travels, we have had aft cabin and the people in the cabin next to us smoked, we smelled it.
My best pick which is the cabins we book on the Sapphire and Diamond are the AD on the Emerald deck, if any are available. They are a mini suite, with a completely covered balcony but there are only 12 of these so they go fast, but if you do consider them you want the starboard side, odd number cabins, as these cabins are right above the vista lounge and the port side cabins, at least the back three are right above the stage. We have never been bothered by noise, but then we always book a starboard.


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This is the Caribbean Princess, a step sister of the Golden Princess (not exactly alike, but close enough for this issue) ...

Do you see the wide open balconies on the far right. Those are the balconies that belong to the mini-suites (which is what you have booked). Given how open they are, I don't think smoke will be an issue. However, in the future, if you are concerned about smoke, book closer to the front of the ship, since there will be less chance for a smoker to be up wind from you.

The lady in the bathing suit sunning herself is in a Caribe balconies. These are half covered and half not covered, with, as you can see, a clear view of the mini suite balcony below. This picture of the mini suite balcony was taken from my Caribe deck balcony ...

Would I book a completed open balcony for an Alaskan cruise, given that it might rain? No. However, that said, I would say you have an excellent cabin and as long as it is not raining, a great balcony. Is it perfect? No. Will there be 1000 other people on the ship who would love to trade with you? Yes. Do I think you picked a bad room? No.

Obviously, as you can see from this post, I opted for a Caribe deck cabin on my Caribbean cruise (actually it was more Atlantic than Caribbean). But then again I have no need or interest in a mini-suite. I should add that this was my first, and so far only (but probably not last) Princess cruise (I've been on sixteen other cruises with other lines, mostly Carnival and Royal Caribbean). So why did I pick the Caribe deck? Because I read, on a post similar to the one I am writing now, that the Caribe deck balconies are half covered and half not covered and that is what I wanted. So you came to the right place, a little late, but still the right place.
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I wouldn't worry so much about smoke because of your open balcony. The smoke issue happens when you have rude neighbors that smoke on their balcony, which can happen on any balcony. If you happen to get a rude neighbor, I would inform my cabin steward first, if that doesn't help, go to the Purser's desk and tell them. Not sure either will help but maybe. And, you can always ask or inform your neighbor that it is against ship policy for them to smoke in their cabin and balcony. I too hate smoke and have had those rude neighbors, some with cigar smoke!!


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I will be on the Golden a month before you. It will be my 3rd time on this ship. As others have said, I wouldn't worry about the smoke. If does become a problem, just ask the staff to assist. Would I change where you are at? Well, I looked up your sailing availbility and you don't have good choices to move to because the suites are about gone - even with the VS.

I personally think you picked an excellent location. It's not like the carribean where you need to worry about sun and heat. You'll have the best view of Glacier Bay from your private balcony. I've had open ones before in the past and there was no problem.
Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions and opinions.

I have tried calling Costco Travel to see if I could get an AD room but unfortunately they are only on guarantee status. I guess that means you are guaranteed a room like that or better. I might as well stick to the room I have as it's not near any high traffic areas.

It's too bad, I hope my first cruise isn't an unpleasant experience.

Thank you again.


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I know that you are not allowed to smoke INSIDE your cabin but I have not heard that smoking was not allowed on the balcony. When I was on the golden for a round trip to Hawaii the cabin steward brought me a ashtray. I can understand the problem with cigars as a smoker I find them overpowering.


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Actually, I find the smell of cigars much more pleasant than cigarettes! And no, I don't smoke either. It just seems to me that cigar smoke somehow has a pleasant aroma,; whereas cigarette smoke just simply stinks!

I know that you are not allowed to smoke INSIDE your cabin but I have not heard that smoking was not allowed on the balcony. When I was on the golden for a round trip to Hawaii the cabin steward brought me a ashtray. I can understand the problem with cigars as a smoker I find them overpowering.