heads-up re: end of cruise flight!



Had a unique situation coming out of FLL yesterday back to DFW.

Hubby and I were stand-by on a flight, and were called to the podium at the last minute. We thought we were not going to get on, but the agent told us that a family of 4 was coming off of the plane and we and 2 others would be put on in their place. Thinking some tragedy had occurred, we quietly waited by the jetway for our boarding. Just then, we heard hysterical shrieking and furious shouting from the jetway, and a woman came careening out into the gate area, where she was met by the authorities. The man with her was shouting at her to 'stop it', and 'calm down & be quiet', to no avail. She could barely stand up, and was evidently inebreiated. Unfortunately, there is more. Behind the man trailed two distraught young girls, in tears, obviously upset and embarrassed beyond belief at the attention their mother was causing. Our hearts went out to them. Though we were glad to get on the plane, we were sad it happened the way it did. The flight was delayed, and the cabin was very quiet as we raced on board. Fellow pax told us that the woman wouldn't sit down and kept falling all over her husband, creating a scene which caused the flight attendants to request she be removed at sea level rather than have more upsets at 30,000 feet later in the flight. Good call on their part.

Flight attendants also told me that Saturday night flights from FLL are often full of tired cruise pax who have been hanging around all day in the sun, imbibing a bit much, and this was an example of what can happen to some in that situation. Just a word to the wise. Kudos to the Delta flight attendants for taking action when the problem became apparent.

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Wow, the closest I have seen to that was on a flight to Florida where 3 passengers had to be moved to seats away from the exit row because they were buzzed due to drinking in the airport bar while on standby and at least admitted that they should not be in the exit row.