Helicopter accident



The helicopter flew over my house last night, no big deal I thought( I live a few minutes from the hospital)
Woke up this morning to this story. What makes it worse is that the little girl and her family are very good friends with my
brother in law and sister in law that are living here.

October 16, 2008

Early this year, when Kirstian Blockinger was about 5 months old, the seizures began.

Several emergency trips to the hospital followed, but her condition was never as serious as it was Wednesday night, family friends said.

Victims remembered as investigators probe copter crash

The 14-month-old girl was being airlifted to Children's Memorial Hospital to treat her latest seizure when the helicopter she was in crashed in Aurora, killing the infant patient and the three men in the helicopter trying to save her.

"She's been transported to different hospitals before, but from my understanding, this is the first time she's been airlifted," said Don Hecathorn, chief of the volunteer fire department in Leland, Ill., Kirstian's hometown.

The firefighters and paramedics in the town of 960 people knew the little girl well ‹ and not just from the hospital transports over the past year.

Her father, Robbie Blockinger, and grandfather, Glenn Blockinger, are volunteer firefighters at the department, Hecathorn said.

"Very good people," he said. "You couldn't ask for better people." Robbie joined the department right out of high school, following in the footsteps of his father, who has been a volunteer for more than a decade.

Robbie is currently on leave from the department because he's in the Illinois National Guard. At the time of the accident, he was training at Fort Riley, Kansas, in preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan.

"He'd already done one tour of duty, then he was home, and then he went back," Hecathorn said. "He was to ship out . . . soon, but a couple of weeks ago she had some medical problems."

Blockinger did one tour of duty in Iraq, officials said. He was rushed back to Illinois from Kansas after the helicopter accident.

"Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to Spec. Robert Blockinger and his wife on the loss of their daughter, Kirstian. The Illinois National Guard is a family and the Blockingers' loss is felt by all of us," said Maj. General William Enyart, adjutant general of the Illinois National Guard.

"The death of a child is especially difficult and we are here to help the Blockinger family with anything they need."

Kirstian's mother, Brooke, was home at the time of Wednesday's seizures. Paramedics were called to their Railroad Avenue home at about 8:30 p.m., and Kirstian was rushed to Valley West Hospital before being airlifted, Hecathorn said.

The cause of her seizures has not been disclosed.


How sad. My prayers are being said for the family of little Kirstian and for the families of the others that were killed in this tragic accident. May the Lord hold them all in the palm of His hand and bring them peace.


This is so tragic. I felt somewhat close to it as I can relate to having a baby with seizures. And, to hear that it is someone known to someone I care about -- that brings it much closer.

Cindy, please convey to your SIL/BIL that they and their friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.



Such sad news to hear. Prayers going out to all families and friends.