hello my friends I have a ?



We made it thru bone marrow & Pet Scan last Fri; at hospital at 7 & after all tests home by 2. A very long day for someone who is so sick. I'm with him nonstop so what I see is a very sick man but daughter says he is getting a slightly yellow color which I fear means cancer is now in the liver. We have a busy wk ahead of us. Meet with surgeon tomorrow ref getting port put in, has to have an echo of the heart on Wed, & FINALLY on Fri a sit down face to face with oncologist who will go over every single test we've had these past 2 wks. For anyone with any experience with B cell lymphoma (is all I know right now) is it normal to have an echo of the heart? We thought the Pet Scan was the last test. He had an EKG last wk (normal) & not that an echo is a big deal, but I'm wondering if somehow the Pet Scan showed something around the heart. My stress level is off the chart. My heart aches that over 2 mo ago, when we got the CT with the mass in the abdomen & then the no diagnosis biospy that I did not stop that remicade infusion & the other meds right then--why oh why did I not have the sense to say to the drs--hey we can't take this when there is a ? of cancer & I didn't. Guess we were just in such a routine of take more tests, wait for results & take your medicine--it just got past me & it has really hurt him. What we have done is pour gas on a raging fire which I'm afraid we cannot put out. Again I ask, does anybody know if it's normal to have an echo with this lymphoma or do you think we have additional problems?


Hi Kathy, I do not have an answer to your ??, but I just wanted you to know that I just now read your post below, ( I was out of town for a few days and missed it) and am sending massive prayers and positive thoughts your way. :angel Peace.......


Kathy, don't work yourself up. Here is some info for you. http://www.medicinenet.com/echocardiogram/article.htm It could very well be just that the doctors want to know what shape his heart is in so they can be guided on their choices of treatment. Some treatments might be a little more stressful than others. You will be no good to DH if you are so stressed out yourself.

Know you have a lot of folks here that care, and we pray for the best for you and DH. Those prayers will continue until he is home and out of the woods.


Kathy - I can't offer any answers, or even make comments. But I want you and DH to know that you continue in my prayers.

=hug =hug

Mary Ann


Glo got it right. Usually they will do an echo if there is a possibility they will be using a drug that can cause heart toxicity.


Don't know if this will help........... but when I had cancer, before they began my chemo, I had several tests involving the heart. I believe it is part of determining your treatment.

Also, as he goes through treatment, they will do bone scans, heart tests, etc., periodically.

Best wishes for your husband and all of your family, as he begins this next step of treatment....God bless


I don't have any answer to your ?, but want you to know my prayers are with you & your husband.
Please try to get some rest for yourself so you can be there for your husband.


Hi Kathy. I can't remember if I had an echo or not, but they did tests on my heart several times. One before I began any chemo 4 years ago, and then again later during this current round of chemo as well. This test was standard procedure because one of the possible side effects of chemo is heart problems, along with miriads of other crap. They used it as a baseline. When they inserted my port(hole) they created a pocket on the front of my shoulder to slip in this device, about the size and shape of a round, flat, dental floss container. They had me hooked up to a monitor during the entire surgery that showed my heart because there was a very thin plastic tube that went from the port to my superior vena cava. (this is where the chemo medication 'dumped' into to enter my system. This tube was threaded along my collarbone while I was under conscious sedation, which meant I was awake for the entire procedure. I felt absolutely no pain and was able to chat with the surgeon at any time. It was slightly uncomfortable during the recovery time (several days) but healed nicely and I absolutely love my port. No more fishing for a vein for labs or chemo infusion sessions. (they now do all my labs up in the infusion center and we put numbing cream on the port area one hour before any procedure begins.) God bless whoever invented this marvelous medical wonder.

Happy to answer any other chemo questions. We may all receive different drugs and be on different schedules, but the procedures are all basically the same. Those infusion center nurses are some of the most compassionate folks on the planet. Trust me on this one!!!

Hugs, Mariposa


Elliott has had several echos and had three types of leukemia. It is a test they need to they have a beginning point before treatment and after all is said and done, they will check to see what, if any damage was done by the chemo. It is all overwhelming at first but you will learn a lot in the next months. My advice is one day at a time.