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Help and prayers please

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by TexasSue, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    sorry to hear of your loss :(
  2. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    So sorry to hear of your sudden loss :( (((((((((((TeaxasSue))))))))))))
  3. Prayers and sincere condolences to you, Sue. So sorry for your tragic loss.
  4. MoJo2Rusty

    MoJo2Rusty Guest

    You and your family are in my prayers Sue.
  5. dezertcruzer

    dezertcruzer Guest

    My most sincere condolences are with you at this sad and difficult time.
  6. Jorge

    Jorge Guest

    I'm very sorry for your loss, prayers and good wishes on their way...
  7. tigirl1989

    tigirl1989 Guest

    I am so sorry,my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
  8. JacquieP

    JacquieP Guest

    What a horrible shock! Our sympathy and prayers are with you.
  9. TexasSue

    TexasSue Guest

    I can't find the words to tell you all how very much your responses mean to me. I thank you all so much for you thoughts and prayers during this time. I've always known Cruise Addicts was a wonderful group of people. Thank you all again.
  10. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    So sorry that you received such shocking news. Prayers go outto you for strength. Know that he is always in your heart.
  11. Bibb

    Bibb Guest

    Our hearts and thoughts are with you and your family. Please accect our condolences.
  12. Gramma Ann

    Gramma Ann Guest

    Oh Sue. I'm so very sorry. Our prayers go out.
  13. ladybug

    ladybug Guest

    so sorry for your loss.
  14. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    There are no words that properly portray the sadness that I feel relative to your loss. Sixteen years ago, I lost my wife, so I know what you are, and are likely to go through. Last week, my brother's wife of 28 years died quite suddenly and our family is grieving also. Know that there are brighter days ahead, and we are here for you!
  15. Mgram

    Mgram Guest

    Just arrived back home myself...so sorry to hear of your loss. May the memories that you made together bring you strength as your heart heals.
  16. Olga

    Olga Guest

    My deepest, deepest sympathies for you on this most unexpected loss. I don't know what else to say today, but I am thinking of you.
  17. Happy2cu

    Happy2cu Guest

    Am finally posting today, Sue, so very sorry about the loss of your husband. How shocking and traumatic this must be for you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  18. J.E. M.

    J.E. M. Guest

    Sorry for your loss...........
  19. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    I am so sorry and can't even imagine what you are going through. My prayers are with you.
  20. belgique

    belgique Guest

    Sue, I am so sorry to hear this news. I was also away when you posted this sad news.

    My sincere sympathy is with you and your family in this difficult time.

    Have faith and courage - God will provide the strength.


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