HELP Article: Planning A Group Cruise? Be Sure You Want To Be In Charge


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Anyone who has planned a cruise vacation, or any vacation for that matter, knows that there is a whole lot more to it that there might appear to be. Booking the cruise is just one part. Packing, getting to the ship, a budget for what to spend and being sure everyone going has the right documentation are just some of the concerns that the person in charge has to be concerned with. The larger the group, it seems, the more there is to do. Having the right person in charge can make or break the whole experience.

Before taking on the position of “leader” of your group, be it just you and one other person or 100 of your closest friends, there are some critical qualities you need to have. - Read More
But there are some advantages with the group cruising too. There will be more fun in a big group. Also, there is something interesting with the group cruising that I had found out from the Blount small ship adventures portal, for saving money. The group cruising has discounts for their travel. I think such offers and rewards are offered by most of the prominent cruise lines for the cruisers. So be cool.
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trying to organize a group of experienced cruisers with all their knowledge of travel and ship spaces is like trying to herd cats. They know the good rooms better than any TA. We just don't do that anymore even though there is a monetary bonus in it it ain't worth the time. TAke a bunch of newbies and stick them in every other balcony on a midship deck and they will be happy. lol But groups of understanding people that dont sweat the small things and do not livein eachothers pockets is a great way to travel on a ship.