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Want to cruise the British Isles this summer and trying it decide between Windsurf Gaelic cruise or Celebrity Infinity. The windsurf is more expensive for 1 week than celebrity is for 11 days. I have never done windstar cruise, so does anyone have any feedback on pros and cons of the 2


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Sorry not enough head room for me on Windstar.....

Big ship vs small ship & accompanying pricing. Very different experience I'm sure. & they just "Bought" Seabourne.


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I prefer the bigger ships and have sailed with Celebrity several times. Never had a bad experience with Celebrity--great service & great food.


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It's impossible for me to give a comparison...I've never cruised on Windstar...I guess I am just a "big ship" person...
I do love Celebrity, though...
We did a British Isles cruise on Constellation a few years back...very nice...Actually, ours was a sort of a combo-British Isles and Norwegian Fjords--
Went from Dover-Le Havre-Cork-Dublin-Belfast-Glasgow...then over to three stops in Norway - Copenhagen and back to Dover...So, a little more variety...But, IMHO, Celebrity does such a good job...I would always go with Celebrity if there's a question...
I am sure Windstar would be a very different experience...It really depends on what YOU are looking for...
Interesting, BSB. The last I knew Carnival ownd 50% of Seabourn!!!
Carnival owns all of Seabourn. What was sold to Xanterra/Windstar was the three original ships. Seabourn will now have a fleet of four (very relatively) bigger ships (three now in service and one on order from Fincantieri)