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HELP PLEASE! Alaska Cruise

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Irish Lassie, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Irish Lassie

    Irish Lassie Guest

    We are hoping to sail on the RCCL Radiance of the Seas o 17th September this year and are completely stuck on whether to book an Oceanview cabin or a Balcony.

    To be honest, this cruise is part of a fairly our long (& costly) itinerary and we are wondering if booking a balcony is worth the extra money??

    Realistically, would we use it much? Is it possible to sit out reading or will the weather be too bad that time of year to make use of a balcony properly?

    Any advice is much appreciated.

  2. Howie

    Howie Guest

    The weather would be cooling off by than but you would still have some nice days. A balcony is always a wise idea in Alaska but how much time you spend on the balcony will be up to you. I have cruised Alaska many times and have always booked an inside room because I like to move to different parts of the ship for the various views. I have been upgraded a few times but I still spent my time moving around the ship for different views.

    I am a person from Northern Minnesota so I am use to cool weather if it does get cool or even cool. Much of the time I am still in shorts and a t-shirt when I see others in jackets, hats and gloves. My point is if you are not use to the cooler weather a balcony in September may not be the best choice. If you are like me and can stand some cooler weather a balcony in Alaska is great for relaxing and watching for wildlife if you do not care to move around the ship for better viewing areas.

    Sitting on a balcony would be a little easier than sitting in a room looking out your window. Keep in mind there will be plenty of other areas on the ship to sit relax and watch the scenery.
  3. Irish Lassie

    Irish Lassie Guest

    Thanks for that Howie. We are actually from Ireland so are well used to the cold and rain! However, I am what is known over here as a 'cold creature' so I don't know how long I would stick in the very cold!

    How crowded are the public viewing areas?? Are there places to sit and watch it all go by?
    Are balconies colder than public viewing areas? What are the 'windows' like on the Radiance?

    One more question! - How did you get the upgrades?? Did you book a 'Guranteed' room or am I misinformed? Can you get an upgrade if you just book a room normally??

    Sorry for all the questions but I really don't want to miss this one up - it's been our dream holiday ever since our first cruise - RCCL Grandeur September 2000!

  4. halfdome86

    halfdome86 Guest

    When we've cruised Alaska a balcony was a must. We really prefer the solitude of having our own spot. There are plenty of places all over the ships however for scenic viewing. The Promendade decks are lined with lounge chairs and are outside but covered. There have also been many places inside the ships to sit relatively alone for viewing. We didn't sail RCCL however on 3 different ships we've sailed on each had a large lounge at the front of the ship with 180 deg wrap around windows and this area was always quite empty during the day. RCCL still has those elevated lounges near the stacks I believe which would work well too.

    Of course just strolling around the upper decks have plenty of viewing. Just lean on the rail and enjoy the scenery. The only time I noticed any crowding was in Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier.

    We utilize the balcony a lot however do stroll and take advantage of all the views from the ship.

    And if it's cold.......bundle up....it's still wonderful there.

  5. mll1013

    mll1013 Guest

    <<< Keep in mind there will be plenty of other areas on the ship to sit relax and watch the scenery. >>>

    Is this true? My wife and I were thinking that a balcony would be a must, because
    it would be too hard to find the best viewing places amongst the crowds of people.
  6. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Pick an uncrowded spot and sit & view.......... sooner or later YOU will have the best spot.
    A balcony is nice, a window is great but neither is a must as far as we were concerned. You can wander and take the views in from anywhere on the ship.
  7. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    I would always prefer a balcony in alaska
  8. mll1013

    mll1013 Guest

    I think, based on some of the feedback, that we will likely go with the balcony. The advise has been mixed, but I feel it would be better to be safe than sorry. If we find that we don't use the balcony that much, so be it. But if we don't have it, and we miss out on what could've been an enhanced experience, then that would be a shame.

    Thanks to everyone who's posted with respect to this subject!

    Mike Lewis
  9. gramshup

    gramshup Guest

    My husband had a penthouse suite with balcony our first trip to Alaska because everyone said it was a must. We did use it some but found ourselves out watching with everyone else most of the time. We are going back in 2006 and have already decided it's not worth the extra $$$ and will get an inside cabin.

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