Hepetitis C all over the clinic I went to



seems someone who worked at the Audobon clinic changed all her dirty needles for clean ones filled with pain reliever,then took them herself while injected patients with saline,in her dirty needles and she has hepititis C! She infected 6 thousand people,she said she likes needles and wanted the drugs,shes sorry she knows what she did is bad but its too late now,hubby heard it on the news first and quickly called there,this was in the surgery part not the pain center but I will receive a notification for a blood test if deemed necessary,on top of all that the pain is worse today and the feet are really tight as well as butt,one very depressed cookie,makes me really want to go back for the followup,anyhoo happy 4th!


YIKES!!!! Hopefully the Hep C will not be an issue for you. As for the pain, maybe a little more time will help. If not, perhaps you will not do the second injection, but nothing ventured nothing gained. I think you had no choice but to try the injection, if you get no relief then at leaast you tried. Prayers continue for your comfort and healing.


OMG that is just awful and I sure hope you weren't infected! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Korina.


Just what you "Don't" need, one more thing to have to worry about!!! I'm speechless on this one-and that usually doesn't happen to me! All I can say Korina is please keep us posted on the lab result and I'll continue to have you in my prayers. I agree with Debbie, you tried the injections, let's give them time to work. :angel =hug


Just a FYI. The story of this clinic made the news in the NYC metro area. The story appeared on Tuesday, the 7th.


Cruise cutie

The Tech who did it has been charged , and at this time is *NOT* eligible for Bail..Since my husband Mark was born and raised most of his life locally in Denver area..he was curious.
according to the local DA ...they will attempt to have her serve, but she has not gone to trial, has not been in court, nor sentenced...as with anything else..it'll be a while before it "gets through the system.".. she is a nutcase for doing it....they want her to get up to 34 years.depends on what they can bargain for... truly a mess...sad...