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Here we go again :(

Discussion in 'The Safe Harbor' started by nieciez, May 18, 2009.

  1. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Bill's been sick all weekend and thought he was well enough to go to work today. His boss called me about 1:45 this afternoon....he was stumgling when he walked and couldn't concentrate to talk properly. I told him call an ambulance and I had someone from my office drive me to the hospital to meet them. I just got home (DD Jacquie drove up to get me) as they have decided to admit him. Blood work looked good but the kidney function was bad...not sure how bad. They asked if he has ever had issued with this and he has not and his blood is checked often. So, more testing is being done. So, Leatherneck needs your prayers now. Thanks everyone for the shoulder...I'll keep you all posted.
  2. TexasSue

    TexasSue Guest

    Prayers and Hugs headed your way. Please keep us posted.
  3. popcorn

    popcorn Guest

    Prayers and lots of hugs being sent on their way to you both. Take care of YOU and the hospital will take care of Bill.

    Alf & Liz

    JANPEP Guest

    Oh Nieciez, I'am so sorry to hear this about Bill, you just can't get a break these days can you.
    Many Many prayers & good thoughts are on the way for Bill & many many hugs are on the way to you.
    Like Liz said you have to take care of you & the docs will take care of Bill.
    Keep us updated as to how he does today.
  5. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    I just got off the phone with Bill. He is resting comfortably in a nice private room. They still have the IV drip going, took more blood and he is waiting for breakfast and to see the Drs...thanks everyone for the good thoughts and prayers. I will be heading up there early this afternoon with DD Jacquie to visit.
  6. Denise,

    Sending positive thoughts your way.
  7. KathyC

    KathyC Guest

    Positive thoughts are on the way. Hope this turns out to be a "minor" problem & that drs will have him on the mend in no time. It seems like you have had 1 emergency after another these past wks; hope things turn around for your entire family & you have smooth sailing as summer approaches.
  8. kpopperwell

    kpopperwell Guest

    Sending positive thoughts that this is quickly resolved.
  9. Tobyn

    Tobyn Guest

    Okay, I think you have been through enough. Time for everything to turn around so you can have a FANTABULOUS summer. Hugs and prayers on the way for Bill. Certainly hoping for a quick transition on the way to feeling better. And as others have said, please take care of yourself as well. =hug =hug =hug
  10. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Prayers this is resolved quickly. Of course, you know we are here for you.
  11. kitten

    kitten Guest

    Big-time prayer has been sent Denise. Please keep us posted on how he's doing. You two will be in my thoughts all day today. :angel
  12. MUCH LOVE,MUCH HOPE,MUCH JOY,these things
    we wish and pray for your family

    Hugs,Denise and Bill!!!!!
  13. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    UPDATE: The Dr said this morning the the sever dehydration along with all the meds he takes could have cause the kidney function to go screwy. He's on IV and they will keep checking his kidney function today and if it goes down to acceptable levels he could be discharged tomorrow. So, keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    Prayers and postive thoughts are on the way for Leatherneck.
  15. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Denise, prayers and POSITIVE THOUGHTS being sent that Bill continues to improve today and can go home tomorrow. Take care of YOURSELF and keep us posted. =hug =hug =hug
  16. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Have been off-line. SunFlower called from wurk to fill me in. Very concerned for you both. I would suggest that you put your foot down and insist that they keep him until they (the doctors) KNOW what the problem is, AND have a solid program for correcting it. Don't settle for, "we think it was a combination of the dehydration and medications that caused this ...." I get so tired of doctors who treat the symptoms, but not the underlying cause.... Hold out until they can say, "Here is what caused this and here is how we are going to treat it to keep it from happening again."

    Prayers, of course, are going out ...
  17. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Well....I'm a day late and more than a dollar short but the posts on Maw's ramble this morning sent me scrambling over here!

    Denise, I am so sorry that you are dealing with "you know what" again. It is so frustrating and even worse scary! Know that your Bill is in my thoughts and prayers. Loads of =hug=hug=hug being sent your way.
  18. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Denise - please know that Bill and you are in my prayers. Hopefully, they will, indeed, find the definitive cause of his problems and be able to correct them.

  19. reggae

    reggae Guest

    Sorry to read this, Denise. I hope they can get to the bottom of DH's kidney issues. There can be so many things causing this. I'm sure they'll run all the tests to get him on the right med. combination.

    Take care of yourself too, Denise. God bless...
  20. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    I hope rehydration will be the quick fix and he'll be back on his feet real fast. Keep us updated.

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