Hi a quick update



Well Daddy is coming slowly out of the confusion he has experienced with all of his health issues. In a way during the darkest hours his confusion was a Godsend to him so that he didn't understand what was happening and while we were falling down exhausted some of what he did gave us small chuckles. Daddy has been a smoker since he was 11 years old. That is just what they did back then. Well the night we brought he back into the hospital and for about 3 days later he was smoking his finger. And then he would tell one of us to come put this in the ashtray before he burned the place down. We would say what are you doing you can't smoke here and just pretend to take the cigg from him but it gave us a little giggle although a nervous one.

On Friday they moved him from his observation room (glass windows next to nurses station) because he isn't pulling at his tubes anymore and isn't fighting the medical treatment. They needed that bed for a man with severe problems who kept trying to jump out the window at the hospital. Daddy still a little confused but not totally was furious when they moved his bed. When Paula went in he said grab the rail and move me back I paid for that room until noon tomorrow and I want my room back. After some negotiation Daddy agreed to his new room if Paula and the nurse moved Daddy by a window. He finally stopped fussing. But that fight is also a good sign! We had to laugh money still seams to mean alot to him he has never been wealthy so what he has he wants to make the most of. Most of that has stopped, he isn't confused like that and remembers alot more. The problem is time and date after being hospitalized for a month has made him confused. So now I insist that when they visit they tell him what day it is and where he is and put the news on for a few minutes just to stimulate those thoughts a little.

Monday for the first time in 3 weeks he began asking for the TV again. He wants Walker Texas Ranger but the cable at the hospital does not have that show. Mahala was flipping through the channels and talking to Paula when she flipped through CSI Miami and he let out a yell hey....go back. She almost wet her pants because he scared her , she didn't think he was paying attention. That is a good sign Daddy used to live to watch his cable and to look out the window at his neighbors moving around. He has been pretty housbound for about 5 years with bad legs.

Now he is asking Paula if when he goes home will she do his shopping because he can't depend on my half-sister. And Paula has reassured him whatever he needs will and is being taken care of. He is remembering who comes in to visit and he keeps asking when I will be back. He also is keeping track of how my house renovations are coming along and asks Joe about that nightly. All good signs.

I have asked about the Diflucam and they feel at this point the infections in his mouth need the constant rinsing because it had gotten so far along plus he was on antibiotics for about 5 weeks. So he is fussing about taking those nasty mouth washes. Paula is great about getting him to do it. The funny part is one night when he was really kind of out of it Paula tricked him and told him to show her his tongue and the nurse got the rinse in with Paula's permission that way. Well now when Paula says let me see your tongue he looks around to see if a nurse is standing there before he will show her his tongue. So the mind is working, he doesn't forget much they are doing or telling him. Just a little delayed right now and of course as sick as he has been the doctors say this is normal. He has a male nurse most nights who he really likes. When Daddy needs something he tells them to get John. Well OK his name is Jeremy but some of that might be his hearing problem. But whatever Jeremy wants Daddy does. And Jeremy has gotten to know the family well so if Daddy hasn't taken his 4 times a day rinse he gets at least 2 in while Paula is visiting because Daddy won't say no to Paula. I have to say this nurse has been great with Daddy. Jeremy was off for the weekend and Daddy missed him. When he came in last night he came into Daddy's room dancing and singing. Daddy laughed. A real good sign because Daddy is where I got my sense of humor, a little twisted like his, but none the less to hear he is laughing and joking is a good thing.

They are still trying to get the right adjustment on his G feeding. No infections they just feel he needs time to adjust to the feedings because it had been too long without his system working properly. He is at the point where he is reproducing blood cells again. It took a while but that is a good sign because he was so anemic they kept looking for bleeds but never found anything. So now his levels in all areas are coming up, still a little low but not worrisom at this point. The feedings are doing the trick no more IVs. The doctor feels within the month we might begin to phase down the G feedings and start tempting him with real food but they want more time to get him good and full of nutrients right now. They are giving him fluids by mouth.

Joe, Mahala and Paula went and looked at another couple of rehabs. They have a good feeling about what they are looking for and of course I'm driving them crazy reminding them to ask this question or that. One of the chief concerns is the level of rehab available and nursing care in the interim time before he is eating on his own. And readily available doctor care unlike the other rehab which was sorely lacking. We think we have one that has 4 doctors available on call and a nurse practitioner 24/7. He will be evaluated on Friday but we won't make a decision to move him until Monday. We know they have 5 beds available and we want to buy Daddy a little more time in the hospital since he is progressing we don't want to interrupt that by moving him too quickly.

So that is about it. He has a long way to go he had some major illness strike him 1,2,3. But we are still trying to hang on to hope that he will be able to either live with one of us or at best case go back to his elderly apartment after several months of rehab. He is fighting now, cranky, joking, being grumpy and much more himself in temperment so all good signs for us to push him to work in rehab.

Thanks for all of your good wishes. I hope to get home in a couple more weeks for a few days to see him.

I'm still fighting the cold I may have to see the doctor. With the meds I take my immune system is pretty low so I might need a little help getting rid of round 3 of this cold. I'm sleeping lousy too with too much on my mind and coughing all night. Audra had to go by my house to get some things I left there. When she pulled into the yard the kids started yelling Grammy's house will Grammy come out to see us? Is she home? When she told me that I burst into tears. The kids came almost every day when I was there painting and staining. I stayed at Audra's but didn't get back until after ten or eleven at night so they came to visit me while I worked. I guess they think I'm still there. Mostly they wiped the paint off the walls or put their hands in it as fast as I was getting it up. They walked over the drop cloths and then tracked the paint onto the newly stained hardwood floors. LOL And since the house was empty ran round in round stamping their feet on the hardwood floors listening to the echo. All of the rooms on the first floor connect boy did they have a ball creating havoc. LOL They were all very young when I left that house but now recognize it and identify the house as my house, little munchkins they are.

Oh well late here need to get some rest. Prayers for all in need I hope soon things will settle down so I can just come and stay and play a little.
Oh yea we got snow two nights ago. arrrrrrrrrgggggggggg. Only about an inch but I don't want to see it at all.


Wow!! Judy you have made soem real progress wih your dad in the short time that you have been home. I was very happy to read of his continuing progress. Prayers continur. Take a little time to get yourself healthy.


Thanks for reporting in Judy. Sounds like you and your family have a good handle on your Dad's care. In a few months he might like to read these emails to see what all what he went through. Take care and our prayers are with you.



So glad for the good update - a long road but much headway has been made for sure. #1 important thing take care of yourself. If you get don't you won't be able to function as well and that will cause you more stress. Time to slow down a little and recahrge - I know easier said than done but please take care of you.


Judy good to hear you father is improving albeit slowly. Do hope a litle rehab time he can live with one of you if he can't return to his elder apt.

Kids do come up with the stangest thing. When Penny left her and Billys house and moved to Bolivar little Ellie kept asking her where her kitchen was? The new one just wasn't grandmaw's. I often wonder if she wasn't missing grandpa in there cooking.

Hang in there gal know this is one f those really rough perids in your life. You are in my prayers.


Hope things continue to improve for your Dad, Judy. It sounds like some of his stubborness is wearing down, and I'm sure he appreciates all the care from you and your family.

And please take care of yourself too :)

Prayers for you and all of your family...


I keep forgetting to check this forum, and nearly missed this! Man, yuu have been through it, haven't you? Take care! cc


Glad to hear things are improving but will keep those prayers going. Sure hope you start to feel better soon Judy!