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High Pressure sales at dinner on Princess Cruises

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by anewfan, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. anewfan

    anewfan Guest

    I posted yesterday for the first time and got two good responses and I am hoping for more of the same.

    My question is my sister just told me that she heard that during dinner salesman go from table to table selling. Is that true. If so, how come I never heard about this in the reviews.

  2. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    HUH????????? NEVER!!....been on 6 cruises on Princess over the last 12 years ,with our next one booked... and I have NEVER EVER had ANYONE seek us out to pressure Princess sales ANYWHERES on the ship...I =adore Princess Cruise lines, BUT should someone approach me like that on the ship while I am vacationing.....I'd bounce them so hard you'd need a butterfly net to catch them!!..:..=grrr..Hope that's a non- floater for info; of that kind of sales..BET Corporate knows nothing about that..:(....=shrug..Hope you get some real info re this....:daisy..Joanne
  3. Sea-soned1

    Sea-soned1 Guest

    Just to add my 2cents worth.......................we, too, have NEVER had anyone try to sell us anything at the dining table on any of the twelve cruises we've been on.! We've been on Princess, Holland America, and Royal Caribbean. I don't know where your sister heard that, but I do hope you'll post which cruise line it is that this selling happens on.................................. Unreal!!!
  4. anewfan

    anewfan Guest

    Thank you both so much !!!! I am glad to hear my information was FALSE!!!!!

  5. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    What! you've never had your waiter try to get you to try the LImoncello?? :grin Always it's fun and I've never considered it high pressure. "No thank you" is all you need to say!
  6. anewfan

    anewfan Guest

    I guess the people who gave the info. to my sister may have felt pressured by the waiters, but that seems inappropriate and I can't imagine that would be acceptable to cruise officials. Maybe it was their particular waiter or just their experience .
  7. DJA

    DJA Guest

    Been on Princess about 20 times -- I think I recall a couple of times on the first night, they asked us if we wanted to sign up for wine tasting later in the week -- and they ask you every night if you want wine or something from the bar -- but those were both the waiter doing the asking, so I don't think either really qualifies as selling. Other than that, just the photographer taking your picture, but they don't sell there, they just make you get up and move around and snap away. (They save their selling for later...)

    Before the waiters handled the bar orders, the wine stewards would come around, but that was a long time ago, maybe the late 1980's early 90's ...not recently.
  8. TeePee

    TeePee Guest

    I was on the Star in March 05 and one wait staff came to every table trying to sell liquor in a special souvenier shot glass. It was perfect timing as everyone around the table were complaining about the extra add ons and we all agreed it would be better if they just charged us more money up front and left us alone during the cruise. We politely declined their offer and were turned off.

    7 years ago when I worked for Princess as photographer this never happened. In fact, I noticed many changes over the years that indicate the decline of the class factor. For example, the uniforms the photographers were wearing were shabby compared to years ago. The women were wearing pants that were clearly not Princess uniform pants and the presentation was terrible as their uniforms needed ironing. I notice these things as a former staff member. The staff were also unhappy which I noticed right away. What a contrast to the spirit Princess staff and crew used to have. :)
  9. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    Have had someone come around and ask if you wanted some kind of after dinner cordial, etc, but if you aren't interested, they just go away.
  10. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    It may be I mistook the question..as in HIGH pressure cruise SALES..ie to book cruises..I have a couple of times had an inquiry on after-dinner drinks, and we drink very little, after a polite decline, they never asked again..probably my mistaking the question intent..Sorry..:lol..Joanne
  11. pormond

    pormond Guest

    When we dined in the Horizon court, there were several waiters selling Princess cookbooks and the wine tasting sales. I found it very annoying. We were never bothered in the main dining room. Other than the Lemmoncello and souviener glass.
  12. belgique

    belgique Guest

    In over 25 cruises on many different cruiselines, I've never felt pressured to buy anything. People do not bother you at dinner or anywhere else. If someone does approach you, a polite "no thank you" works.

    Don't worry about it.
  13. jparcell

    jparcell Guest

    We sailed on a Princess cruise last spring and no one ever tried to pressure us to buy anything. The staff was very professional.
  14. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    If you've ever sailed on Carnival or RCI, Princess' mild-mannered, one-time sales pitch for Lemoncello is NOTHING compared to the other lines! Our waiter asked everyone once - politely and quietly and then went away. One night, one time and that was it. On HAL, we weren't even asked that much.

    You scared me for a minute there with the posting. I thought something had changed since our cruise last year on Princess. Thank God it hasn't! There's nothing I despise more than waiter-cum-salesmen!

    I wonder if your friends were talking about Carnival? My push-over mom just came back from the Pride and had bought 3 cook books from her waiter, all kinds of drinks she didn't drink and felt "obligated" to buy anything he sold. Oh - and she doesn't cook! :lol
  15. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    I did have one try and sell me a larger refrig for my cabin once. :lol

    Seriously though I agree with Cruise Cutie, other than specialty drinks I have not seen it.
  16. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    :lol :lol
  17. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    My wife and I were on the Golden last October and the waiter mentioned about a wine tasting class that was offered for a fee. We told him we were not interested and that was the end of it. No high pressure from the waiters at all!:USA:AL
  18. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

  19. solstice

    solstice Guest

    The last 2 times we sailed Princess there were sales pitches at dinner, but they weren't high pressure. We had the chef walking around with a cookbook, which he signed if you bought it (ok, I did, so probably encouraged that, but its a nice book), and the waiters kind of disinterestedly mentioned wine tasting every night (it sounded rehearsed and they sounded relieved when we said no thank you and they could stop). There were printed cards on the table with drink prices and specialty coffee prices.

    We found it to be a bit of a nuisance, so we simply asked them to please stop and it ceased right then. They even removed the cheesy cards from the table.

    I don't mind tho, because I'll bet its the reason cruising is so affordable and I can get on the ship!!

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