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hire dyers

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jacob, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. jacob

    jacob Guest

    does anyone know if there are hair dyers in the cabins on the carnival spirit because me and my family are going on the spirit on november 16
  2. dgregg

    dgregg Guest

    Re: haie dyers

    the Spirit is the sister ship to the Pride and when we went on the Pride they did have a hair dryer in the room.
  3. Cindy Wie

    Cindy Wie Guest

    Re: haie dyers

    We were on the Spirit in September and there was a hair dryer in the cabin. Not the best, but it worked.
  4. Marlee

    Marlee Guest

    Re: haie dyers

    Most people agree that the hair dryers on ships as well as some hotels just don't have enough oomph (power). I bring my own from home. Have fun on your cruise....: smile
  5. JR

    JR Guest

    Re: haie dyers


    Yes, the Sprit does have hair dryers. But I agree with Cindy and Marlee, they are not the best. You would be better off taking you own. We will be doing our second cruise on the Sprit in Feb. 2003.

    Have a great cruise.

  6. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Re: haie dyers

    The hairdryer on the Pride and Legend are in the drawer on the vanity. Unfortunately you must hold in the button to keep it working. That does get very tiring and I have fine hair. Bring a power strip or multi plug as there are only two outlets on the vanity.
  7. Re: haie dyers

    I was on the Victory in Septemnber and they did so I would imagine the higher class ship would also, please note that they are not very good or powerful.


    Dolpin IV - 98

    Sensation - 98

    Norway - 99

    Vicotry- 02

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