Hockey and ferries


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Last weekend I spent some time in Stockholm.
The reason for the trip was to watch an NHL game and, of course, do some shopping.

I stayed at a hotel in the harbor, Scandic Ariadne. A perfect place to watch the ferries if you get a room with a sea view. Here are some photos taken from my room in the hotel.

The Silja ferry arrives in the morning.

This is rather unusual as the wrong side of the ferry is facing the water.

The reason for turning the ship the wrong way round is to do some safety drills and launch the life boats.

It’s evening and the ferry has turned around again.

Leaving port.

The reason for going to Stockholm was to watch an NHL game, Colorado Avalanche vs Ottawa Senators. This is one of two NHL games played in Sweden this year.

The game is soon about to start. The arena is more or less full (about 13500 spectators).

Waiting for the national anthems.

Some action.

The Senators won 4 to 3.

Then next morning the sister ship arrives. This time with the right side facing the water.

After a very nice breakfast it was time for the two hour drive back home.



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too bad they never sent over two real teams :angel2:

Great pics/ I also continue to wish our ferries were more like your ferries.


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Wow Erik! Great pictures, I felt I was seated in the stands. Beautiful ships, as I've said before, we have nothing to compare them with here in the states (as far as I know).

George C

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For those on NY area Buffalo is playing Rangers on New Years day in citifield home of the Mets prices range from 25 dollars to only 36k


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Great photos. Looks like you had some great seats too at the hockey game.
Hmmmm you euros sure have a different idea of great seats for hockey. Close maybe but not what this canuck would want to watch an nhl game. IMG_3912.jpg

This is even closer and a great shot of Yager when played for Florida but those seats behind the goalie are only good for about 10 minutes.