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Honeymoon on Zuiderdam- I've got questions

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by rhbjmi, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. hbogart

    hbogart Guest

    We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise on the Z, and that's an understatement. We have been back for almost a month, and I still have some after cruise "glow". Not so much tan as the mellow, relaxed feeling I have after cruising.

    I have a review posted. Just look on the Reviews link at the top opf this page and search Zuiderdam reviews posted October 18 sailing. It was not the most positive of reviews in that after remembering how awestruck I was after cruise #1 on HAL, and having waiters and stewards from heaven, I have learned that every once in a while, not all your service staff will always be so over the top...but that's true of all of us. We are all different. But actually, in looking back I probably over reacted as well. The cruise and ship were fabulous...thus 5 stars!
  2. rhbjmi

    rhbjmi Guest

    Thanks again hbogart. I will read your review. I think my huband by then and I will have a fabulous time.

    I love all this advice.

  3. localady

    localady Guest

    Thank you all for the information! My husband of a week and I are off to Honeymoon on the Amsterdam in South America in 3 days!!! I had no idea that there were special perks on board for Honeymooners, and so appreciated the information. I have been lurking about on this Board for a bit also, and this prompted me to register as I wanted to thank you all! The only problem I face is packing at this point, this cruises' temperature changes makes it a challenge!!! Thank you again and I too look forward to S7S's posts on her current B to B!

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  4. rhbjmi

    rhbjmi Guest

    Bump - I was hoping to get Sail7Seas' reviews, suggestions and experience on my Honeymoon questions now that she's back from her B2B cruises. I hope you had an awesome time.

    Thanks again in advance.

  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    rhbjmi.....Hi...we're back! :)

    Sounds like you have gotten wonderful advise from all the cruise pros and your enthusiasm level is growing.....as well it should :)

    We had two fantastic cruises on Maasdam and totally enjoyed ourselves. All was not perfect with plumbing and mechanicals in our cabin but seeing as we have spent well over 300 days in an "S" on all the "dam" ships, can't complain too much that this was the first this has happened to us. Guess it was simply our turn :)

    We reported the glitches, as they occured, to the wonderful Concierge in Neptune Lounge and repairs were always made very quickly and well. We managed to find the humor in the situation and got to kidding that we have never become so friendly with a ship's plumber in the past. We started inviting him for breakfast with us on our Veranda and asked what we should order for him. :lol

    Our weather was glorious and we were the only ship at HMC on both weeks we visited there. As I have said in the past, if HMC isn't Paradise, it's good enough for me. We could not possibly have enjoyed that sparkling, warm water and beautiful beach one teeny bit more. It was heaven!!

    The crew on Maasdam is as wonderful as always and we were so happy to see many familiar faces, many old friends. It so amazes me now they remember us from cruise to cruise by name AND even asked if we were in the same suite we were in when last we saw them AND THEY REMEMBERED THE NUMBER. We didn't remember which one but could confirm they were correct as we had some old Maasdam baggage tags still attached to our carryons and sure enough....they were correct.

    There are no crews on the high seas that approach those of HAL's Indonesian and Filipinos....those folks are tremendous and HAL's biggest asset.

    After sooo many cruises, the ship is now our destination (when in the Caribbean) and it is always about the people who are aboard. We return again and again to see these great folks.

    If you have any questions.....ask away. Happy to help if I am able.
  6. rhbjmi

    rhbjmi Guest

    Thanks - I got your response in my email programs. I have appreciated all the information everyone has given. Would mind if I emailed you directly if I come up with any further questions. You email address was on the email.

    Thanks again.

    PS I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, I am so looking forward to ours.
  7. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Anytime, Randi. I'd be happy to receive your e-mail.
  8. 1. The best place on the ship to avoid sea sickness is all the way to the bottom of the ship, slightly toward the front center. (I am a retired CDR, USN). Generally, that's also where the cheapest rooms are.

    2. Have your doctor prescribe scopalamine...trans derm V...patch.
  9. rhbjmi

    rhbjmi Guest

    Thanks for the info. I'll look into the patch.

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