Honolulu Hotel



Ladt Jag, Yes I know exactly the one you are talking about, there are Two Outrigger hotels on the beach. The "Outrigger REEF" is on the beach, closer to the Hilton. The "OUtrigger on the Beach" is also on the beach, directly across from the International Market and right between the Ala Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian( the old "pink " hotel.
We just spend a week at the Outrigger on the Beach, but, I have stayed at the Reef also.
The Reef not only has the entire beach block of its own property under reno, but, being on the end of Beach Walk is surrounded by Donald Trumps new condos going up, the road is all ripped up and the noise during the day is pretty bad. If you are planning on staying there it is important ot get an Ocean front room as high up as possible.
If staying at the Hilton, under no circumstances take a " Lagoon" view room, it would be like looking into a stone quarry.
The Ali Tower or Rainbow Tower would be fine though. I don't know when the lagoon will be done, I asked a security guard there but he didn't seem to know, hopefully someone else will know.

Lady Jag

p.g. - Thanks so much for that first-hand experience there!! It is so good to get the information straight from someone who has been there so recently and knows the area well.

I will definitely put the Outrigger Reef on my Not-to-Do List for awhile until all the construction is done. Nothing is worse in my book when on vacation than to be surrounded by noise!

Thanks again! :)