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Horizon Cabin # 1074 Balcony

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by laravago, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. laravago

    laravago Guest

    Curious if anyone has any recent info regarding the experimental balcony. Is it still there? My wife and I are leaving this Saturday, 8/20, and have booked 1074. We hope we are pleasantly surprised.
  2. viet630

    viet630 Guest

    Where are you cruising to? I was under the impression that The Horizon was out of service. The last I had heard this spring when it left Tampa was the end for this ship to be in the Celebrity fleet. It was supposed to go to Singapore I thought. Just curious. Viet
  3. laravago

    laravago Guest

    Still in service until the end of the year, when it is being sold (leased). We are leaving out of Philly to Bermuda.
  4. love2cruz

    love2cruz Guest

    We have this cabin booked in Sept. I look forward to hearing if there really is a balcony and how your cruise is. Have a great time!
  5. laravago

    laravago Guest

    I will definitely let you know when we get back.
  6. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    There is an easy test you can use to find out about the balcony. When you get on board, try to get out of the window. If you can not get out (easily), then there is no balcony. If you can get out (easily), then:

    1) If you fall, the balcony is missing.
    2) If you do not fall, the balcony is there.

    Good luck on your research.
  7. laravago

    laravago Guest

    I'll have my wife test it
  8. Spender Nui

    Spender Nui Guest

    I haven't sailed in this cabin but I have been in it. The cabin has been completely refurbished and everything is new.

    I tried to find this cabin open for Bermuda this year but couldn't do it.

    You have THE BEST CABIN ON THE SHIP ... enjoy it!
  9. Basha

    Basha Guest

    I was on the Horizon in June and didn't notice any balcony jutting out of the side when we were docked. How'd they do that?
  10. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Basha Wrote:
    > I was on the Horizon in June and didn't notice any
    > balcony jutting out of the side when we were
    > docked. How'd they do that?

    It is one of those new stealth balconies.
  11. I can absolutely CONFIRM that there IS a balcony in CC Cabin #1074. We sailed her to Bermuda & loved the balcony! Its nice having the ONLY one on the ship. We have many pictures of the cabin both inside & out b/c I knew there would be some who did not believe, but its there, trust me. CC # 1074 is a completely different cabin, totally renovated. It looks like no other cabin on the Horizon. It's great!
  12. laravago

    laravago Guest

    Just arrived back this morning from the 8/20 sailing to Bermuda. I was able to book Stateroom 1074 5 days before sailing. Drum roll please.........Yes Virginia...there is a balcony!!! My wife and I were able to enjoy the best stateroom on the Horizon....totally renovated. The Horizon is only around for two more months so if anyone is planning on sailing to Bermuda from Philly, grab that cabin. If anyone would like pics please let me know.
  13. Basha

    Basha Guest

    I would love to see pics of the balcony stateroom. We'll never get a chance to see it in person, obviously! Are there similar cabins on other Celebrity ships?
  14. love2cruz

    love2cruz Guest

    Great...Now I am really looking forward to staying in this cabin. Would love to see pics. My email is

    Thanks !
  15. pollyterp

    pollyterp Guest

    new to these boards and was also surprised to hear of a balcony

    i am going to bermuda in may 2006 on the sister ship , zenith and have cabin 1074 on zenith
    wonder if that cabin is a surprise balcony cabin also

    wow hope it is
  16. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    Sorry, but there are zero balconies on Zenith. It is a great little ship though, and you will have a good


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