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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by TomL, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. TomL

    TomL Guest

    I am considering taking the Horizon from Tampa to Norfolk, VA in April of 2004. I have been on Princess, HAL, RCL and Carnival. I understand the ship is older which doesn't bother me as long as it has the amenities of others. Can anybody tell me how they rate the Horizon? Does it have an adequete gym? Are there hot tubs onboard? Movie theater, etc? What age groups does this ship attract? I'd appreciate any info.

  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hey tom
    No balconies is the big difference. It's been a while since I was aboard but they tell me that it has been kept up the same as the Zeenith and we were on her not all that long ago. There is two yrs. difference. Hot tubs by the pool now I understand. Longer cruises = older crowd. Check out a few Horizon reviews here:
  3. Rosie

    Rosie Guest

    We were on the Horizon last year and I missed not having any hot tubs (I was not aware that they added any - if that is correct, than that's great news). It's a beautiful ship and the service is exceptional.
  4. We were on the Horizon for an eleven-day eastern Caribbean cruised from Jan 19, 2004 through Jan 30, 2004. Ship is older but you wouldn't know it. It is beautifully maintained. Carpeting was being replaced outside the theatre area during our cruise.
    Ship has a gym with 4 treadmills, 2 bikes, two or three cross trainers and four or five weight training machines. They also have a modest amount of free weights. There is a track on 12th deck for walkers and runners.
    There is a saltwater pool, and a hot saltwater whirlpool or bubble pool on the 11th deck. There is also a sauna associated with the gym on the 12th deck.
    Forward on the 7th deck is the movie theatre and Celebrity showroom and bingo parlor. In the afternoon, they show movies and the area is used for the nightclub shows in the evening. It is a two-deck facility with the balcony being on the eighth deck. During our cruise, they repeated some movies about 11:00 pm in the evening. Most of the nightclub shows were held before dinner for the late diners and after dinner for the 6:30 pm crowd. "Chicago" was the oldest movie shown during our cruise.
    I don't think you will be disappointed with a repositioning cruise on the Horizon. It is a small ship and you will meet and know a lot of people at the end of your cruise. Menus, service and activities are in line with the larger ships. You can't ice skate or climb a mountain but you can have a great time.
  5. goodlife

    goodlife Guest

    Wife and I are considering the Horizon repositioning 12 night cruise from Tampa to Norfolk….

    We sailed the Century in March 2002… My comment about that cruise....EXCEPTIONAL service…. Good food.. It seemed as if all the staff acted as if they were there to serve just me… Only time I wrote a letter to the cruise line….Service was that good…

    We like the Horizon for the itinerary…. And….Almost every review starts (“apprehensive about an older small shipâ€Â) and ends the same way (“unbelievable experience and serviceâ€Â)….

    We don’t need glitz…. Good solid service with a smile and style matters to us…. But we are concerned about having things and activities to do on the 6 sea days…..

    Comments about on board day time activities would be appreciated….
  6. Bluestarz

    Bluestarz Guest

    Hi Everybody,

    My husband and I are going on this cruise 4/12/04 on the Horizon and we're very excited. This will be our 2nd cruise on Celebrity. We cruised on the Millienium in 2002 and it was wonderful. There is a nice thread going on cruise critics and people are signing up for the CC party. We need 25 ppl to register in order for the free gathering so if you're booked for this cruise pop on over to Celebrity and sign up. Any idea of excursions or plans while in port?

  7. tuggers

    tuggers Guest

    I sailed on the Horizon for the first time 10/31 and immediately booked for 3/1. That should tell you something. I've cruised many times but this was my first on x. I was impressed with the crew, the food, the service, most everything. I had a cat 3 cabin which was very nice and nicely manitained by the cabin steward. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  8. kawabob

    kawabob Guest

    Myself and wife Cheryl are going on the cruise 4/12/04. Where do we sign up for the cc on the hoizon. We sail on the hoizon two years ago on a reposition for 14 days.
  9. rbrighin

    rbrighin Guest

    Go to: www.cruisecritic.com

    Click on "boards", then scroll down to the Roll Calls - Celebrity.

    You should see the link for "Cruise Connections" - sign up for your specific cruise.

    Enjoy, and have a great time on your cruise!
  10. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    We now have three sets of friends that will be sailing on this Tampa to Norfolk repo. Sounds like a good one and wish we were going on the ship again.
  11. tarnold

    tarnold Guest

    Hello I am new to the group and will also be sailing on the April 12th Tampa to Norfolk Cruise. I hear from a friend that the ship is fantastic, he has sailed her 4 times. Looking forward to being on her in Tampa

  12. tuggers

    tuggers Guest

    Wish I was going too! My next cruise is not until Oct which is waaay too far away! May have to have a 'quickie' before then!

    I'm really excited about my Jan 10th Horizon! Can't wait to see the re-do!
  13. TomS

    TomS Guest

    Just got back from 11 day on the Horizon. Just to make this short. Her age doesn't show, the staff and service is amazing, food was great (sushi every night 6-10, buffets were ok) the shows are alright, casino is a good size, age of people on board ranged from 5 months to 102 years old! Pool area is nice, cabins were good. Overall it is a great ship with an excellent staff, I would sail her again in a heartbeat.

    They are also very relaxed with bringing your own booze on board. This was great since I liked to bring in a six pack from each port we hit. Try the Port Royal in Honduras... excellent brew!

  14. kawabob

    kawabob Guest

    Is Willemstad, Curacao a safe island to venture inland and is orangestad, Aruba safe?
    We our sailing on horizon on 4/12/04
  15. idssms

    idssms Guest

    We have been to Aruba many times and the natives are nice. We have befriended a few Islanders and they have escorted around the Island. They are not allowed in the Casinos at certain times.

    Friendly people that depend on tourism so they are overly nice.

    I am sure all places in this world have unsafe areas so always be aware..
  16. tuggers

    tuggers Guest

    I envy you going on the Horizon, I know I just got back but I still tried to book this one! Alas, it was too rich for my blood, but I did get a great deal on the Zenith 4/11 so I'm doing that one. Wish I could help with your ports but they are on the 10 day and I've done 11. Just know you'll have a WONDERFUL time!
  17. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    kawabob - both of those islands are dutch and the folks are great. I would rank them ahead of the others I have visited for safety.

    for spelling!!

    Post Edited (03-26-04 14:50)
  18. kawabob

    kawabob Guest

    sailing on horizon 4/12/04 looking for friendly player for texas hold card game.
  19. Bluestarz

    Bluestarz Guest


    I hope all of you that are sailing on 4/12 on the Horizon have signed up for the cruise critics/Celebrity party. Currently, there are 77 signed up. Only a few days left, I can't wait!

    Have a great weekend.

  20. gary v

    gary v Guest


    My husband and I are also taking this cruise, this is our first on celebrity. We have taken 5 other cruises, I did sign up for the cc party but had not received the confirmation.
    Counting down the days. Trying to figure a easy way to pack for the cruise without taking a lot of clothes. any help will be appreciated

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