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Horseback Ride

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by shorty, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. shorty

    shorty Guest

    I am thinking of booking the Ocean Trail Horseback Ride when we go to San Juan. Has anyone done this excursion before? Is it worth the $82. We are cruising on the Voyager of the Seas in October? Any other suggestions for San Juan?
  2. CarolR

    CarolR Guest

    I don't think that the VOS goes to Puerto Rico in Oct. Unless you are going in 2003?

  3. shorty

    shorty Guest

    Sorry, it is Explorer of the Seas. I was concentrating on something else as I was typing.
  4. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    Did the tour with my two teenagers on the Explorer in June, and we all loved it.

    The tour includes countryside, through a golf course, and a short ride along the beach. They have horses for all abilities, and when I went we were split in three groups (each with a guide) beginner, intermediate and expert.

    We all had a really good time. It was the first time my daughter was on a horse - and she can't wait to go again!
  5. Sidetracker

    Sidetracker Guest

    Just one suggestion - if you do go - go first thing in the morning. It is much too hot for horses in the afternoon. I know some of the "wranglers" say the horses are use to it - don't believe it! Early morning ride is great - of a good time.

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