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Hotel before cruise

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by jeb2006, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. jeb2006

    jeb2006 Guest

    My wife and I are going on RCL Liberty of the Seas in June & we are thinking of doing a 1 night hotel stay in Miami before the cruise.
    RCL said they don't provide transfer from airport to the hotel and we noted that the only hotel that provides a free shuttle is located at the airport. And we, of course, would want to be more in Miami instead of being "stuck" by the airport.
    Not certain if we be better off doing the hotel on our own or if we should go ahead and do it throught RCL?
    Also noted, other hotels (found in AAA book we have) don't seem to offer free shuttle from the airport to their hotel.
    Are hotels not offering free shuttle service any more or is this just in Miami?
    Anyway, the main question is if it is better (and cheaper) to get the 1 night pre-cruise hotel throught he cruiseline or if we should do it seperately on our own?

    Any feedback about Miami will be most apriciated. :)
  2. jeb2006

    jeb2006 Guest

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  3. MiSsY69

    MiSsY69 Guest

    We're staying at a hotel the day before our cruise. Part of the deal we got included a hotel stay, so we didn't get to choose the hotel (which is fine, we're not too picky)...but the hotel we're staying at is right in the hotel. I still have to check if they have free shuttle service....my bet would be they don't. Anyway....good luck with deciding.
  4. gram

    gram Guest

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    We have found it to be cheaper to book our own hotels (hotwire) and take a taxi from airport to hotel ($20.00 roughly). Miami airport is not far from to the hotels and cruise docs.
  5. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    It's almost always cheaper to book the hotel yourself. Frequently a lot cheaper. Especially, if the cruise line is not providing the shuttle, there's no advantage to booking with them.

    And don't make that free hotel shuttle a major factor in picking your hotel. Like gram said the taxi averages only $20. and the hotel shuttles are not nearly so convenient. Hubby and I have not had very good luck with the speediness of the shuttles that pick you up at the airport. So we'd rather pay for the taxi.

    And as for the free hotel shuttles that take you from the hotel to the pier, well those aren't all they're cracked up to be either. You have to remember to sign up for them, as soon as you get to the hotel. Usually the popular times are taken, so that means going too early, or waiting around until after everyone else has been taken. We usually give up waiting a hop into a taxi anyway and head to the peir when it's convenient for us.
  6. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    I'm a fan of Super Shuttle. Reliable, timely and their rates are fair.
  7. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    It's cheaper on your own. Personally, I prefer to be near the airport than downtown near the port. There is the cost of transportation to the downtown/bay area hotel, then transportation costs from the hotel to the ship. Most hotels near the airport have a free shuttle. I'm a fan of Priceline and selecting 4* near MIA. I take a taxi or shuttle service to the pier.
  8. Corky

    Corky Guest

    Check out the Hyatt Place Doral...they have a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and will arrange a shuttle from the hotel to the pier...it is $12 p/p. Across the street is a strip mall with a really good Cuban restaurant - it is the restaurant on the far end.
  9. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    We really enjoyed staying pre-cruise 3 weeks ago at the Holiday Inn Bayside, right across the street from the Bayside Market in downtown Miami. It was very convenient and like said, only cost about $24 plus tip from the airport and a taxi from the hotel to the pier was about $15 with the tip if my memory serves me correctly but I was so excited about getting on the ship I forgot the exact amount :lol The Hyatt downtown is another nice hotel to stay at as we stayed there one other time and now they have the free metro rail you can ride it up to Bayside or around downtown.
  10. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Holiday Inn Bayside is very nice.

    Another option is the La Quinta Airport East. Free shuttle from airport to hotel, free breakfast in the morning and free shuttle to the Port of Miami. Very convenient.
  11. hec202

    hec202 Guest

    Anyone ever stayed at the Mariott Biscayne Bay? We are going to be staying there, and hear it's beautiful since being renovated. It's a little cheaper on hotels.com than the Holiday Inn Bayside.
  12. hot_tamale

    hot_tamale Guest

    I have found for the best rates to try Easyclicktravel.com or 1800hotels.com They have some awesome deals. Also right now travelzoo has the InterContinental which is right by the port for only $99 a night through April. quite the savings!
  13. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    On this last cruise we stayed at the Hyatt regency hotel, Einstein got it for $115on Hot wire. It was a beautiful hotel, and we loved that you could get the free metro rail without leaving the hotel building. riding to Bayside park was about 4 min.

    There is more info and pictures of it in the Group diaries in this link.


    just scroll down past the train photos to read and to see.

    Metro Rail

  14. JaCar

    JaCar Guest

    I have stayed there twice, very nice . Try to get a room with a view of the port, it is something watching the ship come in. Have fun.


    I am also a fan of Priceline, and get really nice hotels for great prices. You pick your star rating, and you pick your price, they have been great for me. The cruise line is always way more expensive. Shuttles arrive with lots of people checking in at the same time, if you taxi by yourself, check in is a breeze !

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