hotel help - London


edward v

A friend is looking for a London hotel (in the Buckingham palace area) at a reasonable price (I know, in London there is no such thing), but my knowledge is out of date and the only locations I can find run $350+ per night. Any ideas?

Lady Jag

My English friend recommends 4 hotels in that area:

1 - Crowne Plaza St. James
2 - Washington Mayfair (second most reasonably priced)
3 - Sheraton Park Lane
4 - Flemings Mayfair (most reasonably priced)

In his words, you could 'throw a cricket ball from any of those hotels and it would land in the courtyard at Buckingham Palace." Although I have never been there, I have heard good reports about the Crowne Plaza and the Sheraton Park Lane. Hope this helps!


We stayed at the Hilton Green Park on Half Moon Street right across the street from the gate to the park at Buckingham Palce. They were just revovating when we were there. It's a smaller, cozy hotel. Comfortable rooms, excellent breakfast included. Good food for dinner but service rather spotty. Cozy, attractive bar area.
Subway station nearby and one block away a small shop area with good fish & chips and lively pubs. Picadilly and the Theatre District are within a mile distance. Do not know the price as we were on an all-inclusive tour but imagine it would be cheaper than the larger hotels. I would guess around $200 to 275 per night, but not sure. You can bring them up on the internet.