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Hotel in Barcelona

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Gitte, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Gitte

    Gitte Guest

    Advice for a hotel for a 2 days pre-cruise stay in Barcelona for September.
    Information is welcome.


    CONSTELLATION 22 September :)
  2. maria

    maria Guest

    Not sure of hotels, but you can check them out online. We booked ours with RCL. We are staying in the Grand Havana. It is a little priceyk but it looks like they all are. I was just surprised that they charge per person not per room. Well good luck searching.
  3. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    We booked the Gran Havana as well...also through the cruise line, in our case, Celebrity...
    We did it mostly to keep everything in one neat package since we are also doing the air and the pre-cruise in Venice through the line as well...I wanted to tie in all of the connections...

    But, note the cruise lines, when they do the hotel packages, ALWAYS do it per person rather than per room...and it is always at least a little more expensive than you can do it on your own...partly because it also includes the transfers, partly because they use it as a profit center...

    Orbitz is showing rooms at this hotel for as low as 158 Euros per night (about $176...2 night total=$352)
    The hotel's own website is showing a special package of a two-night stay and a bottle of wine and a dinner for only 190 euros per person ($422)

    Considering Celebrity is charging us something around $600 total for the two nights means I'm paying $248 for the transfers and the peace of mind of knowing they're dealing with it all, not me...

    Last time in Barcelona, we stayed at the Hilton and found it to be quite nice though a little remote...
  4. maria

    maria Guest

    Steve thanks for the info. I did not know that per person. I also like everything in a package. I don't know if Celebrity is offering a special on air fare, but RCL is offering $199 per person round trip. We were schedule for the Millie at first, but I have been on her 2 times already so decided to try the Brilliance. Enjoy your cruise
  5. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    We actually originally intended to book the Brilliance...Almost did it while on the Grandeur in July...
    Shortly after, I asked my TA to price it for us...and she suggested we also consider the Millie...
    At that time, Royal Caribbean wasn't offering any great air deal...but Celebrity was...
    Also, we've done several cruises on Royal Caribbean, but had never sailed on Celebrity...And we liked the itinerary a little better...not starting and ending in the same port which allows us different pre- and post-cruise options...We didn't like missing out on Kusadasi, but that was offset by getting to visit Dubrovnik (We've been to most of the other ports)...Of course, now thst RCI has apparently dropped Kusadasi, that seems to have worked out well...

    Anyway, bottom line was that back in September, thanks to the air deal mainly, we booked the Millie at a substantial savings over the Brilliance...

    What's happenned since is that we've availed ourselves of a couple of price drops, the net result shaving another $1200 off our price...The cruise AND air (from LAX to Venice and Barcelona back to LAX) for our 13-night cruise for two comes to less than $4500...including all taxes and port charges (we since added two nights pre-cruise in Venice and two post-cruise in Barcelona...The total for the entire 17 nights is only $5800...I am very happy with that and really looking forward to the cruise at this point...

    The funny thing with the air specials is that we've watched them come and go...Seems the lines do a lot of manipulating with the price, alternately dropping the cruise rate and taking off the air specials or raising the cruise rate and offerring incredible air rates...we learned not to worry about which portion of the fare applies to the cruise and which to the air...The grand total is all that counts...Of course, the way we're structured now, if we wanted to drop the pre- and post- and do our air with frequent flier miles, we'd be cruising for 13 nights for only slightly over $2200 TOTAL!!! Believe it or not...
  6. Gitte

    Gitte Guest

    I did some research and found good rates and reiviews for the Tryp Apolo hotel and the H10 Gravina and other H10 hotels in Barcelona.

  7. ildibobs

    ildibobs Guest

    If you go to my web site http://www.dialdirecttravel.co.uk and into live search i have prices for Barcelona and Venice hotels and they are bookable on line at a reasonable price.

  8. SteveS

    SteveS Guest

    Hotels.com has rooms from $50 to $500 a night. We Just booked the Rambla Rivoli for $129. plus tax. Last time we stayed in the Millinium for $120, but the price is now $299. The low exchange rate doesn't help!
    We like to stay on the Rambla you can walk to almost everything.
  9. carapan

    carapan Guest

    Hello, I'm fron spain, and I live near to Barcelona. You can visit dis web: www.barcelona-on-line.es. It's very good.
  10. SteveS

    SteveS Guest

    We loved the Rivoli Rambla. Great AC. New room with fridge.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Would like to suggest you stay at the Best Western Alfa Aeropuerto. The rate quoted is 116 euros. They are very friendly and will provided you with great info on seeing the city on your own. Also have an area to store luggage is your room isn't ready.

    As we always make our own travel arrangements, we go a day early just to make sure we don't have delays that prevent us from making it to the ship on time. We also feel that, as much as we enjoy crusing on RCCL. they take a cut from the hotels.

    Martha Craig
  12. Gitte

    Gitte Guest

    Thanks for information. Looking forward to visit Barcelona.

  13. Brahmama

    Brahmama Guest

    Not sure when you are going to Barcelona - and this may be after the fact, but we were there in late October and stayed right down on the Ramblas at the Hotel Continental. We had read NOT to stay there, that it was noisy etc etc. But we did and we loved it and would go back in a heart-beat.

    Now, this is not a luxury hotel - but then we are not luxury travelers, and by the time we book our cruises, we have to watch for good deals for air and hotels. That's just the way it is with retired educators on a budget! At least we get to go and we're not complaining.

    We paid 95 Euros and booked the deluxe balcony room. I think they have 4. We arrived around 11 AM and since their breakfast buffet was open until noon, we took plates and went to eat on our balcony (weather was still good). They have everything on the buffet from boiled eggs, prunes, raisins, fresh fruit,juices, cereals, cheeses, yogurts, toast, jam, all kinds of pastry. And they leave tea,coffee, milk, and some other things available 24 hours.

    We loved having the balcony and watching the action from there. We could see jugglers, mimes, and hear the music. We LOVED Barcelona.

    The room had 2 large beds together, one was very hard, the other was med hard. Nice linens and pillows. There was a tiny frigo bar and a microwave. There was a ceiling fan, and very nice and clean bathroom. I took a picture of the room if you would like to see it. I had bought ear-plugs but we didn't need them, and just fell asleep to the haunting street music.

    On the morning we left for the airport, we had the front desk call us a taxi. The clerk told us to wait and have coffee until he called us. He had a monitor of the street and when the taxi arrived, we took the lift down and had no problem at all. The charge for the taxi - including luggage and tip was about 20 euros.

    Probably more than you ever wanted to know, but just in case you aren't up for the $$$, I thought you might like to hear about a budget hotel!

    Have a great trip.
  14. hebe

    hebe Guest

    On both our trips ot Barcelona, we stayed at the Avienda Palace. Great location 1.5 blocks from Las Rambles, 1.5 block from a major Dept store with a full market and liquior store in the basement. Since it is in the financial district, no problem getting cabs to port. Price range is $180 to $220 and usually includes breakfast.
  15. I will be in Barcelona in Nov pre cruise for Hal Westerdam. We have not booked yet but are seriously considering the Barcelo Atenia Mar , with an Oceanview. It is on the Subway line and is only a few years old. Price is about 100 USD per night-so quite reasonable for Barcelona.
  16. phe1249

    phe1249 Guest

    We are at the Grand Marina Hotel.. kinda pricey. But right at the pier. Anyone know about this hotel?
  17. Samet822

    Samet822 Guest

    We are leaving for Barcelona in less than three weeks. We booked the Colon Hotel right by the Cathedral. Friends absolutely raved. Unfortunately, the balcony rooms were out of our price range, but the location sounds amazing. I can let you know from personal experience in about 5 weeks after our cruise.
  18. pvogelei

    pvogelei Guest

    Staying at Hesperia Del Mar for a few days post cruise off Splendour May 15-22. Close to the beach (according to the map), and relatively new. Not bad on price 105 euros which translates to about $130ish....I think.

  19. daz

    daz Guest

    I've stayed at the LeMeridian. The location is great, the room is small but clean people friendly. But the location is the best!! You can get good rates by booking yourself don't go through the cruise line, their prices are alot higher
  20. gcruz

    gcruz Guest

    Last October we took the Mediterranean Cruise with RCCL. We stayed at the Hotel Tryp Apolo (of the Sol Melia family of Hotels). It is a 4 star hotel with nice amenities. It has the metro just outside the door, which makes it very convenient. It has a nice restaurant and the accomodations are very nice: comfortable, clean, bathroom with all the toiletries and blower. I made the reservation through the internet and got a rate of around $110 per night.

    The pier is very close to the hotel.

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