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Hotel in ROME

Discussion in 'Europe' started by kamy, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. kamy

    kamy Guest


    First off, what is the best way to get to the pier from Rome and from the pier to the airport?

    Any suggestions on a good hotel in rome or which area of rome to stay in? There are so many hotels, it is very hard to pick. Is staying near the airport a good idea or too far from everything? The website I was looking at divides rome into:

    Central Rome
    Vatican City
    Rome North
    Rome West
    Leonardo da Vinci Airport (FCO)
    Rome East
  2. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest


    It's nearly impossible to answer your question without knowing more. First, understand that your ship will
    be a long way from Rome itself, docking in a little port city named Civitavecchia, which is about an hour and
    a half from downtown Rome by car or bus (NW of Rome). You can also get there by train, but you'd have to
    schlep your luggage about 3/4 of a mile from the ship to the train station. It really makes financial sense in
    most cases to buy the cruise line's transfer and bus in with others from your ship.

    Where you stay in Rome is largely a matter of how long you will be there and what you want to try to accomplish.
    On the way to Rome from the port, you will go right by the airport, which is probably about 30 minutes from
    downtown, and also North of the city. The Vatican is West of the main commercial district and most of the
    Roman sites, like the Colosseum.

    So, you really need to think out what you are attempting to do in Rome, and how much time you have to do it.
    That will almost make your decision of where to stay for you.

    PS --- Traffic in Rome at rush hours is AWFUL. So make sure you allow for that.

    Good luck,

  3. kamy

    kamy Guest

    Thanks Ted,

    I will be in Rome for almost 4 days prior to the cruise. If I want to be near most of the sights etc is it best to stay in central rome? Do you know how much it is for our family to taxi from rome to the port?
  4. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    Yes, with that much time and a desire to do all of the major sites, I would opt for central Rome. I would
    definitely NOT stay out at the airport and taxi in and out every day. If you haven't already done so, get
    a good tour book on Rome. It will help you identify where the major sites are, what entry costs, what their
    hours are, etc. We found it invaluable.

    I do not know how much a taxi would cost to the port, but given the fact that it would tie the cab/driver up
    for at least three hours and take 15 gallons of gasoline @ about $10 / gallon (yes, it's even worse there),
    I am sure it would be very costly. My wild guess is that it would be 300-400 Euros. Instead, I'd taxi from
    downtown Rome to the airport and catch the cruise line's bus, paying them for the transfer. It would save
    you a bundle. You also wouldn't have to worry about the size of the taxi and its ability to carry all of
    your luggage. Most of the Italian cabs are much smaller than in the US.

    I hope this helps.

  5. Sea B

    Sea B Guest

    Kamy...There are several private drivers who will take you from airport to hotel, hotel to pier, and pier to airport. Since you have a family, it may be the way to go. I'd contact someone like rome limos, driver in rome or others for prices.

    I personally prefer to stay up near the Vatican. and try to get a B&B close to the metro. venere lists tons of B&Bs. You can get to the sites easy on the Metro and Rome is small enough that you can walk between most of them.
  6. Sea B

    Sea B Guest

    Excuse me...I just realized that this thread (and others that I just posted to are over 1 year old). I ma new to this site and obviously it doesn;'t get much play. Wow. Since January 2009, only a hand full of posts.

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