Hotel + parking near Bayonne , NJ ?


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Are there hotels that allow you to leave your car, for say 9 days, and provide a shuttle to the port for someone taking a Celebrity cruise on May 11 from Bayonne, New Jersey? There seem to be many near the airport but they appear to only shuttle people there. The idea would be to stay May 10 in a hotel, leave car and then get to the ship around 1:00pm on May 11.

Alternatively, there appears to be parking at the port for $160 or nearby for less. Any experiences with either?

Thanks ... philip


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Tried in vain to find a "park, stay and cruise" for that port. Ended up just using the parking at the port. Very convenient to the ship. Depending on where you are coming from, it may be your only option. We were likewise surprised that there are no shuttles from the airport to the cruise (like Supershuttle), just taxicabs.