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We are booked at LaQuinta in Hollywood. Is that the one you stayed at? Hoping this was a good choice. We have stayed in Embassy Suites in Miami and LA, but just too pricey for us.


Hello all,

This is my first time on this board as I stumbled on it by accident. From viewing the threads there seems to be a lot of good information.

We are on the Grand Princess in Feb and have booked the Ramada Airport/Cruise Port has anyone every stayed there? and if so what's it like. Looking for comments.



Brian B

A couple of years ago we bid and were successful with the Sheraton in Ft. Lauderdale for $75 via Nice property.


Hi, we stayed at the Ramada Airport and did not like it at all. The rooms were old, the air conditioning was loud, and we had a large group partying all night long by the pool bar. The full breakfast they served was nice if you could get to it before leaving on the shuttle...again the large group got there first. Next cruise we booked the Marriott Courtyard and was very happy with it. The rooms were nice and clean, breakfast was delicious, coffee & tea 24hrs and it was right next to a great seafood restaurant This Oct we are staying at the Hampton Inn Airport - which has airport and cruise port shuttle service. Hope this helps.


[quote Web]Thanks for your input everyone!
Now who has tips for restaurants in the area? --- around 17th

We really like a place called Kelly's Landing that is in a strip mall. They are a New England Style Seafood place. We have walked there form the Renaissance and plan to walk there from the Hyatt Place in October. In the area is a grocery store and 2 liquour stores so we can have dinner and pick up some wine. We have also dined at Grumpy Gators but it wasn't that good, IMO. There are many restaurants in the 17th street area, you won't go hungry.

Cruise cutie

there is a locals Mexican- Carlos and Pepe's that is to die husband loves good Mexican, and we go EVERY single time we go to FLL..they even make their own salsa and chips!!'s reasonable and tons of locals.. Concierge service at the Renaissance told us years ago..:)..

and THE best brekkie/ lunch place.. their Reubens are to die for!! The place is H&E Marina restaurant..I kept the card...1453 SE 17th St Causeway..:chef.....owner and staff from Brooklyn..and it is THE best!!.another place chock full of locals!!.:thumb....enjoy..we will in February..:grin..Joanne .


They both sound lke excellent choices Joanne! Since I'll have 3-4 hours to kill when I arrive at the airport, think I'll check out Carlo's and Pepes for an early lunch.


We will be going on the Crown Princes at the end of the month, out of Fort Lauderdale. We will be staying at the Marriott Springhill Suites by the airport. It has a shuttle to the port and the airport. It cost $159.00 a night.