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Hotels pre/post cruise



Rob and I are setting sail on our first cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. I've heard recommendations to arrive the day before the cruise and stay the night after returning. Anyone know of any hotels in Fort Lauderdale that are just fabulous or cruise-friendly? I've been checking travel websites, but I thought I'd get your perspectives since I'm sure plenty of you have sailed out of Fort Lauderdale.



The most common ones that many cruisers use pre and post cruise that are all within ten minutes of the airport and Port Everglades are: Rennaissance, Marriott Marina, Amerisuites, Embassy Suites, and Hyatt Pier 66. There are many more but this list should give you a range of prices to research.


I have put a list together of popular pre- and post-cruise hotels on <http://www.biddingfun.com>. While the list is focused mostly on Hotwire and Priceline (which can be *very* attractive with pricing for these properties), and how to use these services, there are also other recommendations as well.

Let me know if you have any questions!