{Hotels} What is the proper tip amount to give maids?



We ALWAYS tip room service, bell hops, cab drivers etc. Like Linda's Mel, I never heard of tipping hotel maids until I started frequenting these boards. We are pretty generous tippers. We always tip more then the recommended rate on cruises unless service is poor….then we tip the recommended amount. When eating out we generally tip 20% and if service is poor will only tip 15%. We would NEVER not tip even with the worst restaurant service but we make sure management knows there was a problem.

Anyway, great conversation here everyone. It’s interesting how we all see things differently.

Sara Lee

I dont know about tipping in hotels . .

I worked at the Opry Land hotel and it is pretty classy and turn down service we got tips sometimes but not everyone tips .. I will say it was nice when they did and I dont think it was service because on that job someone checks behind you every minute , you are trained and cant even leave a spot on a mirror , and I just cant remember maids getting a lot of tips for cleaning rooms...

But then again you are paid full salary .. different from wait staffs who are paid 2.13 an hour and you dont even get that .. You usually dont get a check at all .. I was a waitress also in Nashville .. So tips in that business are your life ..

I think that the tipping on ships is different but I wish it wasnt .. I do wish that they would just charge you a full price and say hey that covers our staff and service and if someone performs above and beyond a duty , you could tip them .. but I do wish that restaurants and all places would stop relying on the paying public to pay for goods and services and

then also tips which are mostly a living to some .. It just isnt fair practice.. Knowing in that business how hard it is to plan and to live on a salary that doesnt always depend on your level of service but of people who are not knowing the true salary you make as a service person..

Maids are paid at least minumum wage and dont really always clean the same rooms , you get switched around alot and a tip that should have been yours could go to anyone ..

but I always hand the tip directly to the person Im tipping .. You would not believe the amount of tips that get stolen and taken by other employees and even patrons IT is unbelievable ..

Those are just my thougths as one working in both industries .. And let me tell you waiting on tables is one of the most stressful jobs you can have .. I could never understand it .. some people are like IM STARVING .. and you think to yourself . Wait aminute .. HOw can you be STARVING .. you were just here for LUNCH ..

there are ways to make more tips tho .. by presentation and kneeling down at the table etc and napkins napkins napkins .. and fast fast fast .. and everything to the person who ordered it without asking ..