How About a nice Debate on MUTS???



MUTS as in Movie Under the Stars. :grin I have NOT actually been on a ship yet with this feature so I am holding my TRUE thoughts on this until I actually do experience in Feb. 2008. One does have to wonder though ... Shouldn't they rename it if its on during the day as well as at night??? :grin

For those of U that have already experienced this NEW trend on Princess what are your thoughts on it??? Is it noisier than usual??? Is it a center-point of controversy and arguments between those wanting to watch a movie and those that are enjoying their chatter with other friends around the pool???

Does the sound tend to carry to the other areas or does it stay centered around the area where the screen is??? Is it located in the main pool complex (Calypso Reef) ??? What time do they start using it during the day 10 AM or later??? Do they play the same shows or movies both day and night and do they ever show repeats???

So pipe in with your thoughts gang. For those of U that have experienced give US your feedback on what U thought of it and what experiences U encountered. For those of U that have NOT yet experienced it yet U can also pipe in with what thoughts U might have previous to experience it. :thumb




I have not experienced it yet either and will experience it in February of '08 also :grin I'm thinking now that I will not like it during the day as when I am at the pool I like to relax, visit with my friends and now the I have my IPod ... At night, that might be a totally different story. It might be kind of nice sitting outside watching a movie =huh We will just have to see.


We were on the Caribbean Princess in October and we had no problems with MUTS. There is another pool right past it and the noise does not carry over. You only hear the movie when you are around that pool area. We never watched a whole movie but the area always seemed to be busy. We did stop on occasion and watch a bit here and a bit there.

We watched the ship arrive in FLL early in the morning from the drawbridge and you could clearly see the MUTS screen was on. I couldn't tell you if it was playing a movie or was just on but you could make the screen out from the bridge. I don't remember what time they started movies but I don't believe in anyway would the noise bother you if you were in your cabin.

I wouldn't choose a ship because they had MUTS and I wouldn't avoid a ship because they had MUTS. It is just like any other form of entertainment such as a casino. It is there if you want to use it and you can pass on thru if you don't.

Happy sailing!

connie seabee

Good questions! I'm curious also. I'm not sure that we will want to sit out there and watch the movies. But DH will most likely want to watch the Super Bowl. We'll let you know more when we come back from our Feb 4th cruise on the Caribbean Princess.

Lady Jag

Thought I'd hate it, as I can't stand noise, but it was actually very nice! And this was BEFORE they added the headphones! People were calmly relaxing on the chaise lounges, eating their popcorn and were quiet while watching the movies. Never found the time to do it, but I wish I had now. :)


I had no problem at all with MUTS. In fact, I too thought I'd hate it but found it to be rather nice. Give it a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised !


I really liked MUTS. I hate just laying out by the pool and it was really neat to be in the pool and watching a movie at the same time. This wouldn't be near as good on the other lines that have salt water pools in my opinion.

There are also 2 hot tubs there if you wanted to be in one of them.

The noise didn't bleed into other areas and like Whimsy said there was another pool right past the one with MUTS and you couldn't hear the movie from there.


Have been on several ships with this and enjoyed it thoroughly. I don't normally lay by one of the main pools anyway so having the sound didn't bother me at all.

Only heard the movie around the pool where it was, next pool over had music piped in or a band playing and they didn't interfere with each other.

Loved just languishing in the pools cool water watching a movie, then getting out and laying on a chaise to continue watching it.


I was on the Crown Princess in December - wasn't actually looking for MUTS but on a beautiful sea day, finally found a chair on the deck above the pool and once I settled in, realized that I was front and center to the movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it - no headphones, no problem with sound or seeing the screen. The sound is really only in that area and not disturbing. Ipods should be no problem to listen to if you don't care for the movie. I never went to MUTS at night since there was never a movie listed that I wanted to see, so can't give an opinion. I think it is a great feature! Someone did comment to me that since movies are shown throughout the day, that the name should be changed! I think the movies started at about 9:30 a.m.- but not sure.


I was on the CB last can't hear the movies anywhere but around the pool..just as the music from the other pool doesn't drift to muts area.
We watched bits and pieces of alot of fims all day..would be nice if some concerts were run the only time I saw any was the first day on board. We did go two nights to see films, nice covers on the chaiselounges, blankets and popcorn. We had no problems getting good seats there is bar service before the film starts.
The also have the afternoon bingo on the screen, you can by cards and play while at the pool!!!!:)P)

We were on for the anniversary of 9/11..the ship observed a momonet of silence, American flag on the screen and taps on the PA. A short time later a US Coast Guard chopper flew over us. We were in route to St. Thomas...


In about 70 days, I will be sailing on the Grand Princess for the 3rd time....and my opinion of MUTS.........LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!

Donna - dsw

I would think they missed a great advertising opportunity. Would you not think if they were having "MUTS" Movies under the stars - - they would have it on their ship named "STAR Princess" lol

red stripe

OK.. but so far none of you that have experienced this has addressed my one fear.. Than I will be sat up by the pool enjoying the sun.. talking to a friend and being told to shut up as "I am watching the movie"...
and now that you tell me they are starting to do bingo on it. It increases my fears.. I can envision being told to shut up so they can hear the number.
So how about it??


Well, I haven't experienced it, and I just don't think that I want to. If they only played it at night, and maybe long enough to show one or two movies, maybe that would be okay. But to have a TV on, all day, while I am trying to rest, read and relax, I don't want it!


Great topic Einstein. I'm not too sure this is for me either. But I have another concern, kind of the opposite of what Red mentioned.

Everyone seems to be assuring us that the MUTS sound won't be interfering, but can you actually hear the movie well enough to actually watch the whole thing? I have this impression of being in noisy room, with the TV on, and everyone all around you talking, and not be able to hear what's being said on the screen. I hate that.


We thought MUTS was great. During the day you needed earphones to hear what was going on. At night, it was broadcast for all to hear who were within earsho. There were complaints from some guests that the earphones did not work properly.