How About a nice Debate on MUTS???


Colo Cruiser

Until I experienced it onboard the Crown Princess for the first time all I heard were negative comments.

I actually enjoyed it.

The sound is contained in the pool area and does not interfere with normal converstaions as far as I could tell.

I am sure that there will be people that are perturbed by it for sure.


We watched a movie on Caribbean Princess. It was great, although a little chilly and breezy. They gave us some cozy blankets to cover up with. I couldn't hear the movie noise from other parts of the ship, but when I watched the movie, the screen and sound were very good. It was alot of fun.

Cruise cutie

:wave,for the last 2 weeks on Sea Princess. Our prospective, we quite enjoyed it..:).. and actually during the day.. the movie had at times.NO AUDIO.. just subtitles..or the earphones, and when there was audio.. it was loud enough to hear.. but not "jar" the senses..could NOT be heard from the aft pool areas at ALL..

and we also had with the screen on, and the shows for music background- on the Rivera Grill area transformed for 15 tables of reserved dining at night, "Sterling under the Stars Steakhouse".. what a delight..they had a vintage Frank Sinatra show, and Diana Brill in Paris was truly one of our favorite Dining experiences..

Just our =twocents....:)..Joanne


My only experience with MUTS was on the Sea Princess which as you know was retrofitted. During the day the sound is usually turned off unless there is a major sporting event, so you will need the wireless headphones available from your cabin steward. I would also suggest the use of the headphones in the evening. On the Sea Princess there is a bar right on that deck in close proximity to the seating and both times we went to see a movie there were people at the bar talking very loudly and making a lot of noise which diminished our enjoyment of the film. Princess policy is to close the pools on that deck during the evening movie, but it was rarly done and at times there were children playing in the hot tub and creating additional noise.


We're looking forward to enjoying MUTS when we on the Grand next. have it on the best of authorities that one night, they will be showing "Rocky Horror" at midnight. Can't wait!



I have been on three cruises with MUTS. During the day I stay far away from the main pool so I never sat around to watch a movie.
During the evening I found that I did not change what is somewhat of a routine. Dinner, shows, casino etc.
I just never found the need to go out of my way to watch a movie or event at sea when I could do that at home.

E, as to the concern about trying to carry on a conversation, it seemed to me that during the day most of the people were not even paying attention to the screen but having normal conversation.

I can not speak for the evening movies as I never sat through one.