How about a Roll Call


Boston's J

<HTML>There are lots and lots of new faces here. So how about we all say hello and welcome and introduce ourselves again.

I am Judy live in the suburbs of Boston. I recently got laid off from my Human Resource position and work part-time in retail. My daughter is grown and married and I have a wonderful grandbaby. I have been on 12 cruises and starting to plan for my Lucky 13.

Welcome all newbies and hello to all @ddicts.



<HTML>I am andrea. Hubby and I are in Lexington, KY. We have been on 5 cruises together. Our sixth cruise is coming up soon on the January 14, 2002 sailing of the Summit. We are already planning our next cruise for 2003.</HTML>


<HTML>I'm judy (small j) from Illinois. My husband Bill and I just got back from the Radisson Mariner for cruise #7. #8 is coming up in January.
We have our own Electrical supply business that is 95% farm related. So....we can travel in the winter.
Welcome newbies!</HTML>

Lady Jag

<HTML>Hi, I go by Lady Jag and I'm an addict. I have 6 cruises completed so far and 2 more scheduled for next year. The 12 step program to get over my addiction isn't working very well. I can't seem to stop!



<HTML>I'm Tina & my husband is Bob. We live in NW Ohio & recently celebrated our 25th anniversary on the Triumph. It was our third cruise. We are looking forward to many more, including one in '03 with a few newbies. Welcome new @ddicts & hi to everyone!</HTML>



I am Julie from Southern California.
My (almost) 16 year old son and I have been on 4 cruises so far.
He is extremely busy with sports, so the only time of the year we can cruise is in August, so no cruises planned for the immediate future.

However, I must come here almost daily for my cruise @ddict fix!</HTML>


<HTML>Hi there!! Lisa from Greenfield, Wisconsin checking in. I live in SE Wisconsin and my one dependent is my 5 year old black lab Gusto. I have 5 cruises under my belt with number 6 coming up in January on the Sea Princess to the Mexican Riveria. Still looking for #7 - who knows what will pop up!</HTML>


<HTML>Fleda and Dean from N VA (Fairfax County). Dean is a branch manager for a large construction firm in Baltimore-me I am a "stay at home Mom to our yellow Lab (Keeper).
Just returned from the NCL SKY to Hawaii. Haven't decided where the next trip will be-gives us something to pour over brochures, plan, etc.
:usa :VA :C@</HTML>


<HTML>My hubby Greg and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it's starting to get cold (brrr). I'm an accounting contractor/consultant. We have cruised twice, once for our honeymoon, and once for our fifth anniversary. Both times Southern Caribbean, both times during the winter months (wonder why?!). This time we're doing Western Caribbean on the Triumph January 26. And my husband just tonight told me that he upgraded us from an interior to a balcony - yahoo!!! I am getting spoiled.... However, I wish we would cruise every year, but finances (in other words - hubby dear) don't allow.



<HTML>Hi. You probably can guess my name and state. I live in the tampa bay area with my husband and 10 year old yellow lab (Sunny). We've been on 3 cruises (2 RCI and 1 Carnival). The last one was last week and we don't have another planned yet. I would like to try HAL, Princess, and Celebrity.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi... :eek:) my name is Janice ....hubby and I live on the coast of North Carolina. I manage a retail store and hubby and son-in-law own a construction company. We are going on our first cruise Jan.11th aboard the Grandeur of the Seas and we received our documents yesterday!!! YIPPEE!!!!!</HTML>


<HTML>I'm Olga (not the hurricane) and I live with my husband and two "older" daughters in Central New Jersey. Leaving Dec. 1 for the Golden Princess--cruise #17, first time on Princess. Been posting here for about 18 months and got hooked on the board, as well as cruises. My family truly thinks I'm nuts, so I hang around here for company!</HTML>


<HTML>we are from portland oregon -
have 3 cruises under our belt all hal.
scheduled on the maasdam 5/19 eastern carib and
zaandam 8/10 alaska - inland passage</HTML>


<HTML>Hi :wave
Jeff and Jacki, from Miami.
I'm with an insurance adjusting company, and Jacki thinks she's "retired." However, that's really temporary.
We have kids all over; 2 in Miami; 2 in NJ, each with 3 of their own; one in upstate NY; and one in San Francisco.
We went on our first cruise about 12 years ago, on the Holiday. She was brand new, and a "mega-liner," at over 45,000 gross tons! Have been on approximately 45 +/- cruises, since.
Discovered this board about nine months ago, recuperating from some surgery, and have been posting since.
I feel lucky to have made so many new cruise friend...</HTML>


<HTML>beachmom5 checking in from Hutchinson Island Florida.

We look out on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and will be cruising South America this March.</HTML>

Jamman & Patti

<HTML>Hi, we're Jamman & Patti, and we live in Somerset, New Jersey with our two young sons Kevin and Ryan. I've been on 18 cruises, the last one being this past July to Bermuda aboard the Zenith. # 19 has not been booked yet. :( I'm also the keeper of the Cruisers Album where you can see photos of many (well over 100) of the addicts who post here. Click on the link below to check it out. If you would like to be a part of the album, just email me a photo and I'll include it. If you don't have a digital camera or scanner, don't fret, you can send me a photo by snail mail and I'll scan it in for you. Email me and I'll give you my address. Be sure to let me know how you would like the photo captioned. E sometimes uses the Cruisers Album to add pictures to his weekly Bon Voyages, so if you're cruising soon, why not add your photo to the Album??
Happy Cruising Everyone!!</HTML>


<HTML>Hello to some wonderfully friendly people.

Atlanta is my sleeping berth now, but I am a 5th generation Texan and will return there someday. My son, Travis, and I will be taking our first long awaited cruise in December.

It is true... good things come to those who wait and work smart.

Happy cruising and God Bless America!



<HTML>Maw(Marilyn) and Pa from Sw Mo. One cruise. We are retired . Maw is going cruisng in Feb with daughter and two daughter in laws on the Inspiration.</HTML>


<HTML>I'm Ali from the south suburbs of Chicago. My cruising buddy is my 16 year old daughter who I got hooked on cruising when she was 11. Widowed last year so it's just her and I now. I'm glad she likes to cruise, cause I'd have to leave her with Grandma if she didn't. Have been on 16 cruises, 14 of them with Royal Caribbean.


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