How about a Roll Call



<HTML>Hi to all my addict friends and welcome newbies.

I am Denise and I live in Fredericksburg VA with my husband of 31+ years Bill. We are both in our early 50. Bill is a retired Marine (20 years Viet Vet) and we both are Federal employees who do the commute up 95 to DC. We have been on 6 cruises since 1994 and have two booked in 2002. We have 3 grown daughters, (Mindy, Jacquie & Jenny) 3 grandsons (Austin, Jacob & Michael), one granddaughter (Kiera), 3 dogs (yellow lab Buck, mini schnauzer Pepper and pomeranian April) and two fish (one inside, one outside in pond). I have had the pleasure of meeting many of my addicts friends at two regional addict meetings and look forward to meeting many more. My family thinks I am off the deep end with this addiction.....I say who cares!</HTML>


<HTML>Seawall, here from the soggy Latex (Louisiana/Texas) border. 4 cruises, and yep, I'm an @ddict............</HTML>


<HTML>Just relaxing in sunny San Diego. Been on over 20 cruises including the Rhapsody and Radiance this past year.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi all - We are Jim and Sue Koenig (I use my other name for business) from Denver, Colorado. We're in our 50's and enjoy traveling. We try to do a couple cruises a year and usually a couple quick land trips too. My favorite ship is the QE2, but my favorite line is Celebrity (so far !) We will be on the Feb. 3 HAL Maasdam, Western Caribbean sailing with my aunt and uncle - their first cruise - and are looking forward to comparing HAL with Celebrity.



<HTML>Hello. I am Kylie. I am 24. I am a student at UMKC. I have lived in Kansas City, MO my whole life........I have 2 adorable cats at home, Koston and Gideon. I am counting down the days for my 2nd cruise. I AM ADDICTED!

Have a great day!



<HTML>JC from Missouri we just got back from 12 days on the Radiance and a few more in Hawaii afterwards on Halloween. We just deposited on the Adventure of the Seas for 2/24/2002. We travel with another couple on our cruises. We are in our 40s and we like to shop and scuba. It is usually too much lugging of stuff though to Scuba and enjoy it properly.

01/96 Majesty of the Seas RCI
04/98 Sensation Carnival
12/99 Galaxy Celebrity
10/00 Millenium Celebrity
10/01 Radiance of the Seas RCI
02/02 Adventure of the Seas RCI

I mostly lurk



<HTML>Hi - I'm Cindy :wave Mort and I have been on 18 cruises since we moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 26- years ago. We have 3 children and 2 adorable little granddaughters. We will be celebrating our 38th Anniversary on our January 4th sailing on the Summit. Celebrity is our favorite cruise line. :cool</HTML>

Gayle V

<HTML>Hi all, My name is obvious and I've been posting here since one too many melt-downs on the Cruise 2 board inspired John to get going with his own page. This page has been a cyber home for all the best people ever since. Hubby , Vic and I are from Parma, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) We are 50 and 49 respectively. We have two sons, ages 30 and 27. The younger one is married and the older one is just too hard to please. The five of us will be sailing on the Carnival Victory in Janurary. This will be the seventh cruise for hubby and me, the second for the boys and the cruise initiation for the daughter-in-law. Our cruising resume reads as follows:

Golden Princess, Oct. '01
Ocean Princess, Nov. '00
Splendour of the Seas, Nov. '99
Mercury, April '99
Majesty of the Seas, Jan. '98
Monarch of the Seas, Feb.'96</HTML>


<HTML>Lois and Roger, SW Missouri. Roger retired Navy. Lois librarian. Next cruise Vision of the Seas Westbound Panama Canal 1/20/02</HTML>

The Bensley's

<HTML>Carole and Johnny Bensley - temporarily residing in Freeport, Texas.

He is self employed and does hotshot deliveries to New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, etc. with his 1 ton dually and 40' float.

I am an author/courseware designer for a computer software company.

We have (between the two of us) 5 kids ranging from 14 - 30 and his 5 grandchildren.

Four dogs (8 really with the puppies) - two great danes, and two minpins. The pups are great danes and are for sale.

We are a drag racing family with a beautiful 1966 Pro Street Chevy Nova.

Our favorite line: Princess Cruises.
Favorite ship: Grand Princess.</HTML>

Seadog (Earl)

<HTML>Hi... Earl and Carol from Falls Church, VA - 2 children (23,18).
7 cruises so far with #8 - Radiance of the Seas Jan,2002 (Southern Caribbean) and #9 Radiance of the Seas Nov, 2002 (Panama Canal).</HTML>


<HTML> Hi addicts :) Kathy R and Daryl here, we live in SW Ohio and have been on 7 cruises so far. We start our cruise addiction in 1993 on our 1-year anniversary with a 7-day western cruise on NCL Seaward. I have a 20-year-old college student who is also addicted. When we are not on a cruise, we love too alpine ski and spend time on our sailboat. I am CPA for a concrete construction company and Daryl works in production for Mitsubishi electric. Next sailing will be February 1, 2002 on Grandeur of the Seas for our first 10-day cruise.</HTML>

Pat Behnsen

<HTML>Pat and Karen from Victoria B.C. work on ships and love to travel on ships. off to Vegas on Dec 10th for Rand R.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi Dave & Cookie from Baltimore, Ohio (go bucks) and we have been on 6 or 7 cruises with the last being the Sun which we were on Sept 11 and my wife has swore off flying and any traveling. So I have been trying to convince her that now is the time to get going again but she is not convinced yet. We have 4 grown children, 2 of them in the military and our youngest son is with the 10th Mountain Div in Egypt. I lurk mostly but really enjoy what everyone has to say and feel that we are all family.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi everyone Hope and Larry from just outside Chicago. We have five kids betwen us ages 23 to 13, four loveable cats and two akita the think they are human. We are going on our four cruise without the kids in 9 days!!!!!!! Can't wait! Thank You all for all your help and the jokes (good and bad). Hope</HTML>


<HTML>Seamom alias Susan from Toronto, living with husband and 8 year-old. An at home mom who squeezes in telemarketing, bookseller/storyteller at a children's book department and dabbles in illustrating/watercolours. Six cruises on Caribbean, Australian and Mediterranean waters and praying for more here in freezy rainy weather today!</HTML>


<HTML>Hi, My name is Robin my husband is George. We have 2 kids still at home,we live in northern Rhode Island. Our first cruise was in 1986 on The big red boat (disney Premier) we knew we were in trouble when the kids liked the cruise part better than Disney World. We used to go camping before that, then when we got home we gave away all of our camping stuff, we were hooked all four of us. We have been on 9 cruises so far since then and have #10 booked March 30 on the Ocean Princess. I really enjoy all of your posts. Bubbles</HTML>


<HTML>Hi Toby here from Central Ontario. The wife and I have been on four cruises so far and the next is booked for January of 03 on the Dawn for 10 nights. I can wait it is worth it.
I have worked for the Provincial Government for the past 22 years and expect to get laid off on the 21 st December...just in time for Xmas...Ah will go on.
All the best
Toby and his wife</HTML>


<HTML>Andy & Janet from Richland, WA (brrrrr).
Paradise on 10/99
Grand Princess 11/01 (just got back!!)</HTML>