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How about a Roll Call

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Boston's J, Nov 28, 2001.

  1. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    <HTML>Hi, Chippsetter and Jetakai here from Alaska. We are going on our first cruise next year as a delayed for 5 months 10th Anniversary celebration.</HTML>
  2. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    <HTML>I'm Catherine from Ireland, my husband and I have only been on 1 cruise, RCI's Splendour of the Seas Circle the Caribbean, March 31st 2000, # 2 is booked, Vision of the Seas, Hawaii/Ensenada, Feb 27th 02.</HTML>
  3. Boston's J

    Boston's J Guest

    <HTML>Wow @ddicts what a great roll call. Come on the rest of you lurkers the Ship can't sail until everyone is present and accounted for. And don't forget your pretty orange personal floatation device you need it now and then around here! LOL

  4. rocster

    rocster Guest

    <HTML>Rocter and the Mrs checking in from Tampa Fl. Where it is still sunny and warm. But we do need some rain, send them thar squirrels this'a'way!!!!</HTML>
  5. Seawitch

    Seawitch Guest

    <HTML>Seawitch here, alias Patty from Depew, NY near Buffalo. Have cruised six times to the Mexican Riveria, Bahamas, Bermuda, East. Caribbeab and Western Caribbean twice. In 2002 will be doing the Southern Caribbean in May and Hawaii to Tahiti in October for our anniverary. Love this board because I can get most of my questions answered here.

  6. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    <HTML>upload for Seawitch</HTML>
  7. TeacherMom

    TeacherMom Guest

    <HTML>Hello all,
    My name is Laurie and my husband is Kevin. We're looking forward to a spring break cruise on the NCL Sky with the kids this time. I love checking out this board almost daily for some laughs, tears, and oh yea, cruise talk, too!</HTML>
  8. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    <HTML>OK... I guess I had better join in.. I am red stripe... I am short, stubby and a bit on the red side :grin.... to make it easier for you to spot me on a ship, I will post a photo down below...:cheers

  9. Carolyn O

    Carolyn O Guest

    <HTML>Carolyn here from San Jose CA. Only been on one cruise and got totally addicted. Now I am stacked.

    Elation 4/01 Mexican Riveria
    Radiance Panal Canal 4/02
    Radiance North West 10/02
    Nordic Empress 3/03 Mardi Gras cruise</HTML>
  10. ANSalberg

    ANSalberg Guest

    <HTML>Hi @ddicts & Newbies; I'm Anne -retired library lady [33 years -public library] and my husband of 41 years -Dick; soon-to-be-retired banker. We live in Longmont Colorado -about as LANDLOCKED as you can get! We've been on 13 cruises since 1978 -more recently; and have 4 booked for 2002. We are TRULY addicted - my favorite cruise was the Mediteranian; the only place OLDER than me!!!!! My favorite line is HAL because they care! WE have two girls 36 & 39 [who SOMEhow got to be older than me] 2 SIL who are the BEST in the world. And 3 Grands. We are taking everybody on a Caribbean cruise in June on the Millennium!! Beware of me if you see me there -I am PPG [Picture-packing Grammy] and exceedingly proud of the kids and grands!!! Anne:daisy:CO:usa</HTML>
  11. 2TallMike

    2TallMike Guest

    <HTML>HI, My name is Mike (duh) Found this site looking for info on Rhapsody, had already booked the cruise before I found you folks. Seems friendlier than other sites I found. I think I'm the perfect age--too young to be married, too old to have kids!! Only problem is I've been the perfect age for over 30 years. Have only sailed on RCCL-last year a 4 day out of San Juan on Nordic Empress. Knew within 1 hour of sailing that I would do it again. Did not plan this trip, the terrorists made me do it. Prices are just TOO CHEAP to pass up. Decided on this trip because Galveston is the closest port to Colorado (Sheridan). Would rather cruise than fly!! At 5'20" just too damn tall for airplanes!!</HTML>
  12. DCUP

    DCUP Guest

    <HTML>husband and I own our own business ,have 2 daughters,1 cockatoo,1 keet and 1 kitty. 3 cruises. next cruise 2/9/02</HTML>
  13. dansi

    dansi Guest

    <HTML>hi, my name is dianne and i live in CA, near san francisco. i have been on 4 cruises and planning to go on the group cruise. i have to type with one hand today so please forgive the typing. i enjoy all the friendly people on this board and i have learned a lot about cruising from them.</HTML>
  14. rogerpl

    rogerpl Guest

    <HTML>Roger and Debbie from northern Vt.
    Booked on the Galaxy June 17, 2002. but may have to switch to Millenneum in May or June. Why do people plan weddings during my vacations?</HTML>

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